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the molecularity of being

or how to push the delicate threads of the self into pixels

Lometa is over forty and fabulous; raising two sons and a husband in Tucson, Arizona! She currently volunteers as an editor and writes as an avocation at Everything2. She also tutors.

Born at MacDill AFB in Tampa, Florida, she was raised as a military brat in the USAF for over twenty years. As a child she attended 16 public and one private school while she traveled to Taipei, Taiwan and various parts of Southeast Asia before returning to the United States. She has lived or traveled through every state except Alaska and Montana. For other military brats (because this is what we do), military and the curious here are more places I have lived. including satellite maps courtesy of Google. You might even see some some planes on the tarmac!


Working as a golf course attendant, fry cook, dishwasher and cashier, retail, a lab assistant, and in a greenhouse helped her to earn a Bachelor’s degree in biology and teacher’s certification from Southwestern College.

She deeply believes in education as a lifetime endeavor and has attended five other universities and colleges and is an accredited teacher for Kindergarten through 12th grade in the state of Arizona. She has 24 hours towards a Masters in Educational Leadership and an endorsement for the Gifted.

Lometa has spent twenty years in the field of education teaching in the public and private schools as well as a private tutor, substitute teacher, and teacher's aide.

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