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...well, #$%@.. why won't this print..?

dazed and wild... i ride for days...
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Welcome to my journal.
I have a habit of not keeping these
things very current... at least,
the paper kind I've tried to keep before.

I have no idea what I'll be posting here.

Feel free to browse, and comment.

I welcome it.

Good day.

a-, alan moore, albums, art, b-, bands that don't suck, barton fink, beatles, bettie page, big lebowski, bill hicks, blazing saddles, bob & david, boobies, brother cane, burning cd's, c-, calvin & hobbes, cats, chocolate, christoper walken, coen brothers, colored light bulbs, comic books, conan o'brien, cooking, corduroy, count chocula, cupidon, curb your enthusiasm, d-, dave attell, dave mckean, david bowie, david mack, donuts, dr. pepper, drawing, dreams, drums, e-, elephants, f-, ferris bueller's day off, foo fighters, g-, girls with glasses, goodwill stores, green, h-, halloween, handy-man tips, harrison ford, i-, ice cream, iced tea, indy films, ink pens, insomniac with dave attell, iron chef, j-, j.h. williams iii, jack black, jagermeister, jamie oliver, janeane garofalo, jay mohr, jill thompson, jon stewart, k-, kabuki, klimt, l-, larry david, led zeppelin, lenny kravitz, letters, lettuce, live music, m-, m.a.s.h., mashed potatoes, michael zulli, monty python, movies, mr. show, muse, music, n-, neil gaiman, o-, oliver's twist, one time use cameras, oreo cookies, p-, paper, patton oswalt, pens, photography, pizza, portable storage, q-, q-tips, r-, redheads, rock-n-roll, root beer, s-, sabian cymbals, sandman, seinfeld, selma hayek, sherbet, small press comics, snow, south park, spongebob squarepants, sports night, star wars, steve martin, steve zahn, t-, tenacious d, the daily show, the naked chef, the police, the white stripes, thrift stores, titties, tools, twin peaks, u-, v-, video tape, vintage drums, w-, warren ellis, writing, x-, x-files, y-, z-