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Kitty Pictures
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If you have any questions or comments about the community please email little.leah@gmail.com or kdgoddard@gmail.com. We appreciate your participation!

Take pictures of your cat and post them here!

Please be considerate of other members of the community and don't be surprised if someone voices a concern after viewing a photo or reading a description. We are a community concerned with the welfare of all animals. If you have any questions or concerns about a post that you have seen or a post that you want to share please contact one of the mods and we will assist you. If you see anything that needs our attention PLEASE email us. This can be anything from pictures that are too big, pictures that are not cut and need to be, questionable content - ANYTHING PLEASE let us know. kdgoddard@gmail.com ; chloe@hepcat.org

Due to annoying people (who love to be mean) we check the journals of potential new members. We hate to have to do it but it needs to be done. If your journal is very new you might not be invited to join. We've discovered in the past that the majority of spammers (and meanies!) create accounts to ^$%# with people. Thanks for your understanding.

PLEASE, even though our members are very experienced and knowledgeable about cat health we are not a substitute for your vet. If you suspect your cat is sick, PLEASE call your vet's office for an appointment and/or consultation immediately. If your cat is acting very different than normal seek emergency help immediately. We want to help but we are not a substitute for real medical help and care. Sometimes time is of the essence. We love happy endings!

Caring, as well as Sharing is what Kittypix is all about!!

Please NO REQUESTS FOR MONEY OR DONATIONS without prior permission from the one of the mods!! If we see any requests without permission the post will be immediately deleted!!

For the sake of bandwidth and people with small monitors or laptops: PLEASE be reasonable about the size of your pictures, or lj-cut to them and warn people about how big they are. THIS IS MANDATORY. You will be warned about your photos being too large and if they are not fixed, they will be deleted.

A photo that measures within 500 pixels X 500 pixels for the first photo if not lj-cut is considered reasonable. ANYTHING bigger NEEDS to be cut. Save photos "for the web" in most programs and the photo will be compressed to a smaller size. For the sake of everyone's friends page if you have more than 3 pictures of ANY size please put them behind an lj-cut tag.

Videos are also acceptable for posting. Just treat them like pictures as far as needing to be behind a cut -- if they're larger than 500x500 or you have multiple videos, please put them behind an lj-cut.

For information on how to lj-cut, read this. For information on how to post images, read this. For any other questions regarding posting entries please see the general live journal FAQ sheet.

Also, we ask everyone to show a little respect with their use of language and criticism. Sharing opinions, even strong ones, is acceptable but using questionable language or resorting to name calling is totally unacceptable. We WILL delete posts we consider irrelevant and abusive. We don't want to censor anyone we believe strongly in freedom of speech, but we will not allow any member to be cruel. The key is constructive criticism. This is mainly a community for photographs, not advice. If you specifically want advice, please ask your veternarian [of course] or you can join and ask in one of our LITTERMATE communities cathealth which has plenty of similar members plus vet technicians who may be able to give you more advice.

Thanks and Enjoy! Kittypix is a great community filled with caring members!!


*cathealth - dedicated to cat health issues and related topics.*

*whitecats - dedicated to photos of white cats and related issues with white coloured cat issues.*

*note_to_cat - letters to your cat[s] of, on, about various topics...like what happened last night or what is UP with the water from the bathroom sink?*

*dog_lovers - for questions, concerns or pictures about those who love dogs!*

*doggie_pix - if you have pictures of puppies this is a great place to share them!*

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