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This life is more than just a read through

The lie that is my life...

Karim Khan
29 April 1983
I was born in Birmingham, England, twenty-four years ago to first and second generation British Bengali's and currently live in Leytonstone, London.

At present I work freelance - doing mundane shit - for a firm based in Cross Harbour, but would ideally like to become a graphic designer, writer or egyptologist. I maintain this journal with no real purpose in mind...

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As of the: 20-11-04

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Currently reading: Zadie Smith - 'On Beauty'

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My Communities

I maintain both british_desi and desi_beats, whilst 60s_bollywood and bengali_cinema are forever works in progress.


My Claims

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Ace Warrior - Fame
D. Essex - Master Power
Elena Ferretti
Euromach of Cutting Edge/Avex Trax [Series]
Fabio Lione
Francesca Contini of A-Beat C
Folder 5 of Avex Trax [Group]
Initial D of Avex Trax [Series]
J. Storm - We Are The Children Of Rock
J. Storm - Rock The Universe
Lolita - Think Of You
Mara Nell - You Make Me Feel Like A Natural Girl
Maurizio di Jorio of Delta
Tomas Marin of A-Beat C

Dislikes: 2: Christian Evangelist Missionaries in Bangladesh, Christian Evangelist Missionaries in India