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she has an aversion to conviction

Bio-ish: Wander through fandoms, writing when lightning strikes. Live in Brisbane, Australia: sub-tropical paradise one day, steaming swamp the next. Share a house with some folk who frequently get me drunk. Work at a place that frequently leaves me exhausted. Do stuff with friends that frequently makes me hungover.

Policy-esque: Ummm, insofar as I have a friends policy, it is: do what you want, for I am probably too drunk, exhausted or hungover to even notice, let alone get upset about it. However, I am unlikely to be very responsive to whatever it is that you do, for the same reason. :)

Expositiony: This is a very low-maintenance sort of LJ, I'm afraid. It took me five years to just add this bio bit in! I only use the one icon, I don't keep track of who has me friended, I sort of tried to make a filter two years ago but it didn't really work out, and I rarely update my own friends list. I try to stay out of flame wars and fandom politics, and don't go on much about real life, which leaves not a lot to talk about. I usually only post once or twice a month, and I hardly ever friends-lock anything. Feel free to friend for story announcements; that's the only reason you would want to, I imagine.