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The Gospel according to St. Bastard
23 January 1971
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"I don't mean to sound bitter, cold, or cruel, but I am, so that's how it comes out."
-- Bill Hicks --

That's my attitude, when you strip away everything else. Don't say I didn't warn you.

"I will tell you things that will make you laugh and I will tell you things that make you uncomfortable and I will tell you things that will make you really fucking angry and I will tell you things that no one else is telling you.

What I won't do is bullshit you.

I'm here for the same thing you are.

The truth."

-- Spider Jerusalem from the comic Transmetropolitan, by Warren Ellis.

What do the other LJ people have to say about me when I asked them to write an intro for my info page? By the way, I'm the one that started this trend.

"Scott cleverly mixes insightful commentary with compulsively obsessive comments about obscure bands and other entertainment industry trivia. His opinions are generally liberal, but his clear thinking virtually guarantees he will be a Republican by the time he hit 40."
-- antinomic --

"This is Scott... Try not to piss him off."
-- babylon_fading --

"Hi, I'm Scott. I'm opinionated. Don't say I never warned you. Oh, and I like titties."
-- wolfbyte --

"I'm an opinionated asshole. If I don't like your opinions, that either means that a) I'm an asshole, or b) you're a friggin moron. Deal with it, monkeys."
-- italianprincess, who is indeed one "hot tamale." --

"Scott is one of the few people I know with the gift of seeing both sides of an issue. Just because he thinks your side is shit and his is right doesn't mean he is a bad person... He backs shit up with dates, facts, and logical evidence. Don't try to get around him or convince him he is inherently wrong, you won't.

He is honest to a fault, and expects other people to be also. Don't piss him off or he will cut out your heart and feed it to his cat, but only after proving what an idiot you are to EVERYONE by using the above stated dates, facts, and logical evidence. Don't make blind statements that you can't back up, he will just ban you from his journal, of course, after cutting out the heart and making you look like an idiot...

Scott is intelligent, not because of high I.Q., but because he applies his intelligence. His tastes run into the esoteric, extreme, interesting, comedic, and just plain stupid; both in music and news bits.

Of course, Scott also has something even more important... Great taste in friends!"
-- fancy1 -- And no, I didn't even have to pay her to say that!


Reading Scott's Journal has been shown in clinical testing to be hazardous to the mental well-being of thin-skinned little fucknuts such as yourself.

Did the previous sentence offend you? If not, then you are medically qualified to read Scott's Journal."
-- thechuck_2112 --

-- phillydad -- This of course coming after I and a large number of other LJ folk tore him a new asshole for being a racist shit head.

If the first two quotes (the Bill Hicks and the Transmetropolitan ones) didn't warn you, let me make it clear what you'll find in this journal - lots of opinionated writing, lots of ranting, lots of profanity. I draw on the following for inspiration - Lewis Black, Henry Rollins, George Carlin, Dennis Miller (when he was a moderate), Bill Maher, Jon Stewart, and I'll occasionally channel the spirits of Bill Hicks and Sam Kinison when I'm really pissed off.

Notice that I listed nothing but stand-up performers? That's because comics (and stand-up performers like Rollins) are the only truth tellers left in this country anymore. You have to work to find the good ones, but they're out there. A lot of the times they're the best chance for the common man's opinion to be broadcast.

Mostly, this journal is my outlet. I've always liked sharing my opinon. It's also for the people that know me in real life but never see me or talk to me either in person or on the phone. This way they know I'm still alive, and occasionally even what I'm up to.

What else do you need to know about me? Well, I hate radical politics. Rush Limbaugh sucks. James Carville sucks. Ann Coulter sucks. Phil Donahue sucks. Michael Savage sucks. G. Gordon Liddy sucks. I'd list more radical liberal commentators that suck, but they seem to not get the airtime that conservative radicals do. Probably because conservative radicals rely on inspiring hatred, so they're much more entertaining for people to watch.

I don't believe in slapping a label like Democrat, Republican, Liberal, Conservative, Libertarian, Green, etc on myself, because I feel that once you do that, you limit your thinking and feel you have to be loyal to your party. I am loyal to no party, my vote goes to whom I believe will do the better job, and my rants are aimed at any politician that I think is doing something stupid. Consider me a slightly dumbed-down version of The Daily Show.

Religion is the opiate of the masses. While Christianity takes the brunt of my wrath because of past experiences and their history of discrimination, I have a general disdain for all religion. I have no problem with individual people that worship... as long as they aren't trying to force me to worship their way, or are treating me as a lesser person because I don't worship their invisible man.

I'll tend to latch on to something for a few days or even a few weeks at a time, and will post about it every day. Sometimes it's "Births / events / deaths that happened on this day." Sometimes it's useless trivia. Sometimes it's "contests" of naming lines from movies or songs. Sometimes it's weird photoshopped items. Sometimes it's the funniest of the bad reviews of a new movie. Currently it's what I call my "daily dose of What the Fuck? links."

Oh yeah... feel free to add me to your list if you want. All I ask is that you let me know via post or e-mail who you are, and how you found your way into this demented world of mine. Don't be surprised if I don't add you back. I'll read some people's stuff and say "hey, this is someone that I'd like to read on a daily basis," and I'll add them to my friends list. Some people's stuff I'll read and say "Yeah, they're ok, but nothing I need to keep up with. I'll read them every couple days or once a week," and I'll throw their journal's URL into a bookmark. Some peopel's stuff I'll look at and say "Holy fuck, all they do is whine about everything and post every fucking annoying quiz / meme that's out there" and I will never go to their journal again.

Finally, let's separate the digital world from reality - with the exception of a handfull of people here, none of you affect my life, nor should I affect yours. Don't like what I say? Do you find my opinions horribly offensive? Move along. Don't cause any drama when you leave, just go. Don't tell me why you're leaving, either. If I want to know, I'll ask you.

Abortion?:I don't like it, espeically when the father has no say... but I also support a woman's right to choose.
Death Penalty?:All for it.
Prostitution?:Make it legal if the whores have regular tests for STD's and it's done in a safe building.
Alcohol?:Alcohol is not good or evil. It's what a person does with it. The person should be punished for abusing, the rest of us should not be punished because someone else is stupid
Marijuana?:I don't do drugs, but my answer is the same as it was for alcohol.
Other drugs?:See above.
Gay marriage?:All for it. Marriage is not a Christian-exclusive concept.
Illegal immigrants?:Send 'em packing. Things like "mass amnesty" only encourages more immigrants.
Smoking?:I don't smoke. As long as it's an open air area or a place where I went expecting smoke, I'm fine with it
Drunk driving?:Make the punishment worse than it currently is.
Cloning?:Mmmm, playing God. I'm all for it.
Racism?:How fucking weak. Give me 5 minutes and I can find a real reason to hate someone, I don't need some bullshit like their skin color.
Premarital sex?:Please!
Religion?:Hey, if it helps you get through the day, then good for you! Just don't tell me I have to follow your religion's rules.
The war in Iraq?:Totally fucked up, maybe beyond repair.
Bush?:Chimpy McFuckhead. Get him out of office.
Downloading music?:I'll download until musicians stop putting one good song on an album and then a bunch of crap songs.
The legal drinking age?:I like it at 21.
Suicide?:Don't like it. The idiot that does it never stops to consider what it'll do to others.

What is your stand on..... brought to you by BZOINK!

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