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JanJan!! J-Lyrics

Japanese song lyrics

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Anime and J-Pop Lyrics! Requests welcomed!
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JanJan!! J-Lyrics
Anime, Jpop, Jgame, Jdrama, Jlive action lyrics

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  • Sharing lyrics.
  • Japanese songs of any genre.
  • Songs in any language related to an anime, manga, JGame, and/or JDrama.
  • Transliterations (kanji --> romaji), translations, k lyrics, scans.
  • Learning Japanese.
  • No submission queues, no ability tests, no drama.
  • Requests welcomed; ask here.
  • Plagiarism is strictly prohibited; respect intellectual properties. Blacklist
  • Use common sense, behave yourselves, and enjoy the lyrics and hidden treasures!

janjan_j_lyrics is only made possible by everyone's participation and contribution, so thank you to all of you for your support, your hard work, and your kindness! *bow*

Kanji lyrics belong to the original lyricist. Transliterations and translations are properties of the transliterator and translator respectively. Contents of every post and comment made in this community are the responsibility of the user who created the post or comment. Please direct all concerns regarding this community to sonata_blue at margaret__barton*#mail.com. * = @, # = hot

Do NOT reproduce in any manner, in whole or in part, the lyrics or other parts of janjan_j_lyrics without prior, explicit, written permissions from sonata_blue AND, in case of lyrics, the user who posted the lyrics. Please refer to the Terms of Use section of the J3L F.A.Q. for details.

如未經 sonata_blue 加上羅馬字歌詞譯者和/或英語翻譯者清楚的書面上許可,一律嚴禁用任可方式抄襲、複製或轉載 janjan_j_lyrics 的全部或任可部分。詳情請參閱J3L的F.A.Q.。此警告以英文版本為準。

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