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Jack Thompson is a douche-bag!

He's also immature

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This is a community dedicated to all who hate Jack Thompson. For those who don't know who he is, he's a video game hating right-winged douche-bag who's responsible for Grand Theft Auto: SA being rated Adults Only due to an outside third-party mod known as Hot Coffee that unlocks a sex scene that was never meant to be seen in the game itself.

He's currently trying to get EA, the creator of the Sims games to make the Sims game be rated Adults Only instead of Teen because of blurred out nudity that a mod might remove and reveal "child pornography" or some bullshit. He also claims that EA is working with mod creators to remove the blur, which is a bunch of bullshit because EA knows better than to do something like that since they could be sued for millions of dollars.

The most recent thing he's been doing is trying to make the Capcom game Killer 7 and Adults Only rating for a "sex scene". From what I heard from people who have actually PLAYED the game, during the accused scene both people had their clothes on and you only heard some moaning, however there did not have sex. I have E-mailed Jack-shit Thompson and I got some information that may destroy hs case with the game:

From: jackpeace@comcast.net
To: Razerpi@aol.com
Subject: Play the games, THEN we’ll consider your opinion valid
Date: Sat, Aug 6, 2005 9:47 AM

I really couldn't care about my image with video gamers. IGN correctly reviewed the game. I have seen a 10-minute clip of the game. It deserves an AO rating. If the gamers don't like that, they can stuff the game in their backpacks and march on Washington

(End E-mail)

Ten minutes. Whoop-de-friggin'-do. If you can say a game deserves a rating after playing/watching it for ten minutes, I guess we can decide what a movie should be rated after watch a trailer in the theaters. Now I will stop being sarcastic and finish this up.

In short, he's an immature, childish retard who thinks that anyone under 18 that shoots someone shot them because they played video games, rather than the child being wrong in the head or has had a rough time in life with the person they shot. According to Jack Thompson (who has never played a video game in his life), every game rated Mature is listed as a murder simulation game which is, of course, a bunch of bullshit.

Now let's get on with the hating!