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Instant Drabblers Anonymous

(but not really anonymous...)

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Welcome to Instant Drabblers Anonymous!

What is instant drabbling?

instant drabbling (v.): To write a story of 100 words (a drabble) using a few specific words (usually three to five) in a set amount of time. A theme or topic is occasionally used.
Variants: instant drabble (n. or v.); instant drabbler (n.); insta-drabble (n. or v.); insta-drabbler (n.).

This is a tradition started by satismagic and aranel_took.

On March 17, 2005, it grew. To celebrate the anniversary of the destruction of Barad-dur, eight people gathered via Yahoo!IM, and drabbled. Toasts were raised, drabbles were frantically written, and much hilarity ensued.

How can I participate?

Download YIM, and participate in a "classic" insta-drabble session.

I can't get YIM because of [insert reason here]!! But I still want to instant drabble! Can I?

Never fear! I'll do my best to keep up and post all the drabble words we use in a "classic" insta-drabble session. You can write and post your drabbles in ths community, even if you weren't there for the YIM session.

Da Rules

Frankly, I'm not big on rules, and I don't really think that it will be a big problem here. But here are a few:

1. The only set-in-stone rule is to BE COURTEOUS! I can't emphasize this enough: be nice to others, do not attack/flame anyone. If I find someone being discourteous, it'll be my discretion to reprimand and/or ban that person. If you don't like the topic of someone's drabble, deal with it.

2. Please put drabbles behind LJ cuts with appropriate warnings (adult content, violence, gore, sex, slash, etc.).

3. Format your entries like this (format from tolkien_weekly):
4. You may: conjugate verbs; use plural/singular form of a word; use any meaning of the word.

5. A drabble is defined as 100 words, with up to 15 (extra) words for a title. However, we are very lenient here. Variants of drabbles include half-drabbles (50 words), droubles (200 words), and tribbles (300 words). But it borders on very-small-ficlet if it exceeds 400 (I think)...

6. In keeping with the easygoing spirit of instant drabbling, you're free to post any drabbles you come up with here, whether they contain the words or not. If they happen to contain an insta-drabble words/theme: "Huzzah! You accomplished an insta-drabble!" If not: "Huzzah! We get to read your drabbles anyways!" After all, instant could pertain to your speed in writing it, not just sticking to requirements.

Rules updated September 6, 2005


This is going to be, primarily, a Tolkien-themed community, but this doesn't mean that drabbles from other fandoms will be excluded! Please be aware that authors have very different views on fanfiction and dealing with it, so please be aware of your fandom's author's view on fanfic before posting your drabble, and include your disclaimer.

The disclaimer below is the community's disclaimer as a whole, but please include some small words with each entry, even as simple as: "Belongs to [author], I don't own anything."

On a final note, your friendly mods are allie_meril and satismagic.


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 one of the best archives for Tolkien fanfiction and
 a fun place to be for anyone who writes LOTR fanfic.

Disclaimer & Rating:

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