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Indeed, Sir

A Jeeves & Wooster Fan-Community

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Jeeves and Wooster
What ho! You've stumbled upon a nifty little community devoted to Jeeves & Wooster fandom, and all the lovely fanfiction and theorising that entails. Pull up a c. and make yourself at home!

When submitting a piece of work, whether it be writing or art, please try and post this small summary before it.

Chapter: (if applicable)

Any such variation of this is also acceptable.

You are also encouraged to tag your own posts. You may refer to this handy guide if you are unsure of which tags are appropriate or what a tag means. If you'd like a tag to be created for you, reply to that post with your request.

Before posting, it is advisable to read the following community guidelines:

1) Be good eggs, what? No flaming, trolling, spamming, harassment, or otherwise unsightly behaviour. Throwing bread rolls at other Drones Club members is normal and expected.

2) We are mostly a SFW community. Please be courteous and consider adding an LJ-cut for long entries (where long = scrolling is required to read the entire entry), large or multiple images, and explicit content.

3) Deleting and/or screening comments is not allowed.

4) Due to some unfortunate events, it is necessary to make this clear: if you are found to have misrepresented someone else's work as your own, you will be banned as soon as it is discovered. No exceptions. It is therefore advisable that you fully disclose all places you post a fic or art, so as to avoid being accused of plagiarizing your own work.

5) When in doubt, ask. We're more than happy to answer.

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