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Illustrated Dames

Women Who Rock Comics

Illustrative Dame
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Female aspiring, and professional Comic Artists and Illustrators, Writers, and Publishers are invited to gather here and share their experience. I hope for this to become a place for discussion and support.

Male artists and fans are also quite welcome. However if this becomes a "Boy's Club", I will close the community and make it friends only. Let's all play nicely please. :)

Come in talk shop, ask questions, share inspiration, laughs, links, thoughts, and support for each other.

Honest critique is welcome for posted artwork. However cruelty toward others in any capacity will not be tolerated.

Please post all large pictures and artwork containing nudity behind an LJ cut, which can be found here...

Feel free to promote your own work, and comic related websites, but let's keep the commerce out of it. If to me it seems to be spam, I will delete it.

This community is GLBTQ friendly.

Thank you!

Your Mod,

Please check out the fine websites of our members!

Adrienne http://sequentialtart.com/
Lea Hernandez http://girlamatic.com/
Jessica Hickman http://www.deadplayground.com/
Lisa Jonte http://www.arcanumvisual.com/
Karen Luk http://www.karenluk.net/
Ginger Mayerson http://www.gingermayerson.com/
Wolfen Moondaughter http://www.webslayer.net/wolfen/
Raquel Smythe http://frill.kaonashi.org/
Wendi Strang Frost http://www.sfpro.com/
Jem Yoshioka http://midnight.kaonashi.org/