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hh_cooks's Journal

Cooking with The Headhunter
2 March
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A bit of info here for those of you who don't know me:

I'm Sarah, aka The Headhunter or HH. I have been cooking since I was 9, when I made a batch of chocolate chip cookies from scratch by myself for the very first time. At 14 I decided that I was skilled enough to crack open my mother's French cookbook and make a "gourmet" meal for her birthday. It was a smashing success which I topped off with a three tier birthday cake and made me decide that I wanted to be a chef. Several weeks later my mother shocked me by saying that she thought I should be sent to France to study the culinary arts at, if possible, Le Cordon Bleu. Alas, that was not to happen. My father vetoed the idea unequivocally. Instead I endured 3 years of torturous German classes (I already spoke it fluently), 4 years of Latin (ok, I actually love Latin), and "advanced placement" courses which bored me to tears. Life became muddled and by 19 I was the proud single parent of Alexander, and I simply forgot about culinary school. I would love to say that I finally realized my dream, but I can't. What I can say is that while it never happened, I continued to cook, enjoy the fruits of my labor and dazzle my family with my creations.

I am now the proud single parent of Alexander, Karina and Brendan and still cook up a storm. I have come to a point in my life where I could very possibly take culinary classes and even get a degree, but over the past 26 years I have come to realize that, for me, cooking is about an absolute love of food. I truly enjoy every aspect of food, from buying to preparing to cooking to serving. However, I really just want to do it for myself, my family and my friends.

Outside of cooking I am a software technician for a small company. I love my job immensely, but not so much because of what I do as who I do it for. I have been here for seven years and not once in all that time have I woken up and thought "Oh god, I have to go to work." That is an amazing feeling which can be attributed to my bosses and coworkers. We are a family. We often complain about things here, but never stop loving it. On the weekends I work a second job on the dreaded midnight shift. It's not a difficult job and for the most part I get to do what I want while I'm there. This serves my reading addiction and cross-stitching very nicely.

As I've mentioned already, I am also a parent. My children are the center of my universe. There are no other people on Earth who have my love so unconditionally or unreservedly. I would, in fact, do anything for them. And I mean that. I also firmly believe that my children are the best ever and you would be hard pressed to find a prouder parent. Not that they can do no wrong. Trust me, they have their days as well as the next kid and there are times I fall into an exasperated heap. However, my problems with them are mostly mundane things like a teenage boy who is 10 minutes late coming out from swim practice, a precocious 11 year old girl who thinks sewing is a waste of her time, and a 10 year old dare-devil boy who sneaks his yo-yo to school. I am lucky and I know it.

At any rate, this journal serves as a repository for recipes I have used, devised or modified. I have made everything that I post here and now that I have a digital camera, can show you the end result. Occasionally I will post about a place I've eaten or about my trips to The Himmel Haus and Oriental Market. I hope to be able to explore more starting later this summer and find out-of-the-way places around my area that I have overlooked for more years than I should have. My kids will join me in this bit of fun and I can't wait.

Enjoy your time here.