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The Harry/Ron Community

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Harry Potter and Ron Weasley slash
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The Harry/Ron Community

Welcome! Harry&Ron is a writing/artwork/discussion community based on the idea of Harry Potter and Ron Weasley (characters of JK Rowling's amazing Harry Potter books and movies) being more than just friends. In other words, this is a slash community (read: male/male romantic relationships).

Feel free to post thoughts, comments, plot bunnies, stories you've written, artwork, fic/artwork recs, and anything else you can think of.

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Only a few small rules. All fics and artwork need to be behind lj-cut (livejournal cuts are your friends people.)and accompanied by a rating. No pimping other communities here, unless they have to do with the Harry/Ron pairing somehow. And be nice to your fellow slashers. Constructive criticism is encouraged! Feedback is our drug. Flames and rudeness won't be tolerated.

This is an open community, however, do take note that some adult material will be discusses on the community posts, so if you are a minor or do not wish to be exposed to such, then please don't go further.

About Fic Search: It's lovely that our members sort people out ever so quickly, but we'd really, really like fic searches to be made over at harry_ron_recs, as that is part of what they pride themselves on!

Be nice to your fellow shippers.

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We ask that your fics and/or artwork have at least the following points in their header (you can have more information than this if you so wish).

Subject line: The title of your story (the chap number if more than one part) and rating by your lj username.
Title: Title Of Story/Artwork
Author: Author of Story/Artwork - LJ Username
Rating: G through NC-17; According to the MPAA regulations.
Genre: Romance, Humour, Crack!fic, Dark fic, Angst, etc.
Warnings: Kink/Fetish/Sexual Perversion, Violence, Death Story, Spoilers, Character Death, Het Pairing, Pairing That Is Not Harry/Ron, Rape/Non-consensual, Alternate-Reality, Alternate-Universe, Angst, Bestiality, Partner Betrayal, Chan, etc.

[Note: Warnings can be put at the beginning of the story in the header, or - if a surprise is intended - at the end of a story, behind an LJ-cut that people can click to before reading the story, if they so wish.

Disclaimers are not required, as there is a general one included at the very bottom of this user info. However, you are welcome to make one in your header just the same. There's nothing wrong with covering your ass from all angles. :)]

If you are posting other pairing aside Harry and Ron (see Harry/Draco or Ron/Hermione, Harry/Giny), please made a proper warning. Any complains from any member about breaking this rule will result in entry deletion.

Any posts made with comments turned off will be promptly deleted.

BETA READERS: If you are in need of a beta reader for your story, these wonderful people offered to beta read for the community, I suggest you check with them before requesting.

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The community is proud to present the stories and arts of our latest Fuh-Q-Fest:

Visions of Flying: Part 1 - PG - (Part 2) by anmarilla
Veritas Vos Liberabit - R by anmarilla
* In Any Universe - NC 17 by rickey_a
Unlovable - NC 17 by asnowyowl
Seeing what you want to see - PG by redsnake05
Another Use For The Invisibility Cloak - NC 17 by draco_maximus
Confessions: Part 1/4 - G by tisbod
A Father's Wisdom - G by earth_dragon
Confessions - NC17 - 2/4 by tisbod
Momentous - PG13 by la_dissonance
Coming Apart at the Seams - NC17 by florahart
Out of Anger - NC17 by callie_828
Finding the Seeker - R by hedwigs_bane
Changing - NC17 by plotbunniofdoom
Perspective - R by innibis
*Family - PG by scraplove
My Brother, My Sister - PG by iamshadow
Round Trip - R by lyras
Give A Little Whistle - NC17 - Parts 1 & 2 by reni_days
Finding Fault - PG 13 by crikkita
Gone, But Not Lost - PG 13 by roelliej
Field Test - PG 13 by florahart
Showering For The First Time - NC 17 by harrysexmagick
* Why Harry Loves Seamus - A Harry/Ron Story - NC 17 by trubbleclef
The Kissing Game (part 1) - NC 17 - (Part 2) by jacrogers
Keep Me Coming - NC 17 by jeezjenna
Why Is Ron So Damn Moody? - PG 13 by slantedknitting
Patience - PG by aniwde
*Sonnets of Magical Interference - PG 13 by abigail89
Everyone Lies - PG 13 by tjs_whatnot
*Who Does It Take - R by derryere
Back to the Flat? - PG by frayed1989
* Call it Affinity (Part 1) - NC 17 - (Part 2) by sveinity
Purple Potions - NC 17 by simons_flower

Slip - PG 13 by samosar
Sun Kissed - PG by melmoe1
Catching a glimpse - R by kath_ballantyne
Size - NC17 by nefyr

Be sure to stay in tune for future challenges. In the meantime enjoy these wonderful contributions!

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Here you can check the member bios. You can also find it in our memory section. And if you are a new member or want to join, come on! Fill it out! Fill it like you've never fill anything in your life! We all are dying to meet you!

We also have our memories section, in which all the fics posted to this community are archived. No more sifting through the whole community for that one fic you thought you read once! All future fics posted in the community will also get memorized.

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The community background and our default icon were made using the fan art by reallycorkingthat won on our second Second Fan Art Challenge.

Our lovely layout was designed by jeffcobain, and the info page and freebies were made by capitu.

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Feel free to take and use one of the following banners in your user info, or on your website!

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Art made by super_poof and jeffcobain

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Art made by spoonfuloftears

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Art made by sabine91175

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Art made by nefyr

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Art made by nedsagirl

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Art made by handbannana

Here you can find more banners! Plus, an easy explanation on how to link back to us.

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None of the stories/discussions/artwork/manipulated pictures present in this community are not in anyway suggested to be true. All works are founded completely, utterly and firmly in fiction. None of the authors and/or artists are making any money off of their works. Harry Potter and all ideas and characters therein related to are sole property of JK Rowling.

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harry_and_ron is proud to be affiliated with the following communities:

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A place for recs and search. :)

Sorting Hat Drabbles!
Gives a whole new meaning to Inter-House Unity...

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This community is maintained by capitu and shocolate. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact them.

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