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how many times have you been down

HARDTIME: 100 Word Sentence
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An OZ fandom community offering bi-monthly drabble challenges and monthly flashfic challenges, open to all writers, all pairings, all characters and all genres. Slash, het, and gen are all welcome. AU and canon-related ideas are both good. Be as creative as you want!

For any entry longer than a drabble, please use an LJ-cut when posting. Please post your challenge responses to hardtime100. If what you've written vastly exceeds the word limit, please post in parts or chapters. Keep in mind, this is not a community devoted to WIPs. Please make a good faith effort to complete what you've started.

New writers welcome! Challenges never close, so all past challenges remain open for your interpretation.

Prompts are welcome, for both the drabble and flashfiction challenges. Suggest prompts and ask questions here.


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