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frau_r's Journal

19 August
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This is the part where I should write something interesting about me. There lies the problem. :P

A writer. Married, lives in rural area, has 3 dogs. Plays bass in a hard rock band. Loves cooking, reading, computers, computer games, role playing games, comics. Likes hiking, gardening, wines and Harry Potter slash (a newly aquired taste).

Fan of: Harry Potter, Song of Ice and Fire, Discworld, Sandman, Cerebus (before Dave Sim went mental), Elfquest, Baldur's Gate games.

Hates with a rare passion: AERIE from Baldur's Gate II! I have never, ever hated any fictional character as much as this whiny Avariel. Die, Aerie, die!!!

Favourite HP 'ships': almost anyone/bottom!Draco, especially alpha!Harry/bottom!Draco. Dom!Snape/anyone, anything!Lucius.

Random mind-boggling bit of trivia: loves Herman Melville's 'Moby Dick'.

The Baldur's Gate fans among you may be interested in my online novel trilogy Sarevok Saga. Here's link to the first part: http://www.gamejag.com/Makings