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Sometimes You Get Marshmallows
Flora writes stuff, some of it fiction and some of it meanderings about her day. Her birthday is in April, and she has adolescent kids--she is way over 18, and way the hell over all possible ages of majority and consent.

In case anyone has a question, even though she frequently reads and writes about things which are illegal, such as fictional--fictional--sex that wouldn't be okay in many areas, or fictional prostitutes (such as the one in Pretty Woman) or fictional stealing of Muggle cars or sex toys to further wizarding ends, none of this should be taken to mean she promotes, condones, approves of, performs, exhorts, or dresses in pink bows any of those activities, or any others you think are illegal, because she is clear on the distinction between fiction and nonfiction. She isn't telling you you should do anything illegal, and hopes if you are reading her, you also are clear on the distinction.

She thinks it's fine to be offered constructive criticism on a finished piece of work, which includes both simple notification of things like typos and grammar malfunctions, and also more substantive stuff. She may or may not edit the piece to reflect a correction as a result of the feedback. In any case, criticism may be offered in comments; she's unlikely to mind if it's actually constructive, by which she means, the commenter has specific points or suggestions relevant to the fic at hand (that is, "All kidfic sucks and this is kidfic ergo it sucks" is not especially relevant to how well this fic works in this genre). It is also true that she, being human, may sometimes require time to come to appreciate the point being expressed. This doesn't mean she didn't think about it, or won't think about it. She's well aware she has learned interesting things from people who profoundly disagree with her on big topics, and that's not said with sarcasm.

If someone wishes to leave feedback via email (e.g., not visible to the public), she is reachable at the lj address. That's fine, too.

Much of what fiction she writes is smutty, generally behind a cut. Viewers not of legal age shouldn't view these. Every now and again she writes something fictional and not-Harry Potterish, though that's certainly most of it. She mostly reads HP, as well, but will read (with glee, if it's goodfic) fic set in the Alias, Babylon 5, Deryni, Firefly, SGA, Honor Harrington, House, Star Trek (any), or Star Wars universes. Or, you know, CSI, West Wing, Sports Night...this list is not exhaustive. Let's leave it at that. She likes slash, but het has its good points, as does femmeslash. She also likes kids and various fic tropes for folks to acquire them including the one that many find alarming. Don't panic; she isn't likely to force you to read it.

She writes smut, and crack, and sometimes things that are both. She updates her memories rarely and doesn't much archive anywhere; this is primarily a function of laziness, though in 2007 she is trying to get around to tagging her fic, of which there is a completely insane amount. She is more likely to write light than dark, but occasionally writes sad or angry fic.

She plays and mods at road_ahead, where she is two lesser characters and the voice of NPCs as needed.

She regularly leaves random comment smut or limerick summaries. She can't help herself. She also sometimes tells people about things she thought didn't work well in a fic, though never if the header says no concrit or similar, and when she does this, it is always her intent to either point out a small fixable error or engender discussion of a problem area. As noted above, she absolutely is fine with the same directed at her, even when she doesn't agree, and makes every effort to hold herself to the same standard of civility in criticism that would hope to receive.

She doesn't friend everyone back, not out of snobbishness so much as because she hates, with non-insignificant passion, the icon-isty thingadoo that happens in her userinfo when she has more than 500 friends (including comms).

Policies. First of all, this word cracks her up. It implies control she doesn't possess. However, it seems many people have friending policies, so she will do her best to express hers.

She doesn't think asking permission to friend people makes tons of sense; it requires no action on the part of the other, and as return-friending is entirely at the discretion of new friend...see, there's where that policy word makes her giggle. So. She friends who she wants, doesn't mind drive-by friending (or commenting), and may or may not friend back, mostly depending on what's in the LJ of the friendee; however, unreturned friending shouldn't be read as an insult, as she does go poke around in the LJs of people who've friended her sometimes anyway. She generally friends-locks only when a post talks about someone else's personal life, out of a need to courteously not share other people's shit with the entire world, or about stuff that makes her utterly identifiable to locals who maybe she doesn't want to know her secrets. Or when she posts about work, for reasons that should be obvious, or about especially personal stuff.

Her other policy, and this one she does have some control over, is that she chooses (to try) not to respond in anger or hurt. This means if someone says something reasonably fair but hurtful in her comments, she chooses to assume non-malicious intent, chooses to assume the kindest interpretation of the common ambiguity of often shorthand posts, free of body language, and chooses to wait until her adrenaline subsides before responding when she takes offense. If she breaks this policy, readers should feel free to chide her gently. The corollary to this policy is that if your intent really is to insult her, you'll have to say so in unambiguous terms. In which case, she'll probably just delete the comment and ignore you. The upshot of this is, if you comment critically on something she's said, you may get no response, because if she can't say something nice or at least neutrally polite, she tries not to say anything at all, which has to date never meant she didn't read and consider your opinion; or, you may get a response much later, simply because she has to quit freaking out first. None of this is all bad, and she knows her own blush and tear reflexes are far too sensitive and must be reined in.

She mostly tries not to be a bitch, and sometimes fails. If you are inclined to call her on it, go right ahead, although your argument will be more effective and more likely to elicit a response if it's reasoned and sensible.

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