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The Queen of Dirty Talk

Fabula Rasa

Fabula Rasa
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I write stuff. All of it is intended for adult consumption, and much of it is dirty. Often, in my stories, people have sex, and then they do stuff, and then they have sex some more. When I'm bored and can't seem to locate any creativity of my own lying around, I have been known to hijack other people's books 'n movies 'n stuff as vehicles for my sick people-having-sex imagination. This is the movie of my mind. Welcome to livejournal, where we all have 24 hour cable TV talk shows. Interviewing ourselves. For the benefit of ourselves. Whee!

All my fanfic can be found under Fabula Rasa at AO3. If it's not on there, I don't have it. So you don't need to friend me here to get to the fic, though you're welcome to. My tumblr name is fabula-unica, and all of my fannish action (most of it DC Comics and the Batfamily) is located over there these days; this is pretty much a vacant storefront.

Hmm, let's see, what else. Oh yeah. This journal is locked, which means that if your userinfo or journal are blank or otherwise sockpuppetastic, if you are clearly underage, or, I dunno, you just look at me funny, then I won't be opening my journal to you. This is for your protection. Nah, okay, it's for mine, but I've got lots of non-fannish writing on here in which I talk a great deal about my therapy and the difficult time I had in high school and the intestinal illnesses of my various colostomized cats and my tendency to cut myself. Wow, that's like nine-tenths of all LJ-interests right there, isn't it.

Okay, the remaning tenth of you? Right this way.