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Enterprise Musings

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This is a community for the muses (sock puppets) of Star Trek: Enterprise characters. It was originally associated with the LJ theatrical_muse community but membership in that community is not required to participate fully in ent_musing.

It serves as a gathering place for role-play activities for those characters and an easy way for readers to find their way into the stories and threads posted on the characters' individual journals.

NOTE: The ent_musing AU is NOT following all aspects of ST:Enterprise canon in terms of specific plotlines and events. While this AU runs roughly parallel to ENT canon in terms of the overall mission up to approximately mid-Season 3, the specific details of canon do not automatically carry over, and have diverged significantly. This AU is developing its own arcs, plotlines, and characters. In particular, canon plot details involving muses active in the ent_musing community should not be assumed in this AU.

DISCLAIMER: Star Trek: Enterprise and the characters are the property of Paramount. No profit is being made from letting them play here.

Please Note: Some of the posts and comment threads in this community will contain material unsuitable for minors due to language and/or sexual content, including NC-17 material. Because of this, all active role-players (muns) must be of legal age.

Only the ENT muses may be community members with posting access.

There is a sister community, ent_madness, with membership open to muses, muns, and readers. It's the place for comments and questions and planning, as well as fun posts from and about the muses from ent_musing.

Want to join in? New players and characters are always welcome! Check the list of characters to see what Enterprise characters are already active. Then contact captain_archer (or his mun) by email or post a request to join at the ent_madness community, mentioning the character you're interested in playing.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please note that this community is not active at present, and new memberships are not being accepted for that reason.


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