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Eleven. Ten. Sixty.

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Note: This was a 2003 project. We were thrilled with the overwhelming success and thankful to everyone who participated, but it was intended to be a special project once. Please use the FAQ line at the website to provide birthday wishes in 2004 and henceforth.

The eleven10 community is a grassroots effort among readers of Neil Gaiman's works to show our appreciation and give something back to him around the time of his birthday this year (November 10th, 2003). This is not a discussion community; please join neil_gaiman if that is what you are looking to do.

What we are hoping is that fans will leave posts about how Neil's writing has effected their lives in a good way in 21 words or less (11+10). It can be small and simple, like something on his journal making you smile a lot, or large and complicated, like meeting your future husband waiting online at a signing (don't laugh; it has happened).

If want to participate and are a member of LiveJournal, simply join the community and post. If you are not, please email eleven10@yahoogroups.com and one of the moderators will post your email as soon as we can. Please keep it to one post per person.

Keep in mind the following:
  • We are trying to do this as quietly as possible. Please let other fans know about the project, but do not let it get further than that.

  • We have no guarantee that Neil's going to read the posts, nor do we expect him to (hoping, however, is another matter).

  • While we imagine most people will want to play fair, this is a moderated community, and the moderators reserve the right to remove posts

  • Due to the overwhelming response, we're going to have to stop taking new entries to this community on noon, EST, November 11th 2003. Apologies.
If you have any questions, please email eleven10@yahoogroups.com. Thanks!