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doubleyou's Journal

パウル デロング
My nickname was "doubleyou" long before anyone even heard of George "Dubya" Bush. So please don't confuse me with Dick Cheney's hand-puppet.

If I fill-in the "current music" in an entry, it's usually the current music in my head, and rarely the music I'm currently playing.

I rarely talk about work here, and when I do it's only in the vaguest terms (I prefer to keep my job). Actually, these days, I rarely talk about anything that can give strangers insight into who I am. All I really talk about here is the latest cool idea I had, the latest book I read, or reflections on life's mysteries. When I want to talk about my life, I talk to my friends and my wife - I talk to her about my day, not to LJ. Likewise, I'm not all that interested in reading about your latest drama either. Unless I actually know you and see you on a semi-regular basis, and then I'll just talk to you in-person. The exception is those of you who I actually know, but don't get to see that often. I might read-up on you guys. Sometimes. No promises. Sorry.

This whole "bio" thing seems sort of superfluous. I tend to think that my interests list and my journal speak for themselves. Besides, it's just one more thing to keep up-to-date online, and I have better things to do than keep all my social media in-sync.

These days I use Google Reader to keep track of a small subset of my friends-list. Between that and the fact that I rarely write posts here these days, I hardly ever log-in here any more (except to catch-up with private or locked posts, which by their very nature don't get published on XML feeds).