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Life and Philosophy In the Urban Landscape

docummented by a philosopher living and breathing in the metropolis

Adventuresof a Transcultural Gal In The Metropoli
Some tidbits about me:

Born in Venezuela, has been living in New York City for 2.5 years, and I consider it home. I live alone in my own studio; have a great social life despite the fact that I have bouts of shyness, and try to smile as often as I can. Love music, movies (rarely mainstream ones though) and theater, as well as exploring New York. I live in Queens and work in Manhattan, and spend some times in Brooklyn and Jersey City too.

I am one of those people who break some rules if they imply compromising who I am. Sometimes I can pay a high price for this, but I guess that's the nature of life.

I am a person who lives in three cultures at the same time and has developed selves to live in these cultures accordingly. This is not about split personalities more than it is about adapting to live in my surroundings. It has been fun, but it has had stressful moments, because many of my experiences are out of the "norm."

I am a philosopher who tries to make sense of the world that surrounds her, and this can make me go through a wide range of emotions. One day I can be a kind philanthropist, another the biggest cynic you have ever met, and anything in between.

I am an occasional writer. A lot of my poetry and stream-of-consciousness writings are periodically published in my pekkywriter.

I am a passionate photographer. I take pictures of a lot of things, from special occasions in my life, to pictures of artistic nature. I need to recover this passion again!

There are two types of entries here:

The Public entries: I talk about issues happening in my surroundings, give links and express opinions about current events that catch my attention. I don't expect to agree with you in all things, nor I expect you to agree with me.
However, I am not as much an activist here as I am in the communities I belong to, because I am still learning about issues, but I like to also listen to different opinions a lot, and often learn from them if that is possible. I can also show reviews about movies, images that caught my eye and musical recommendations. In a few words: things that I find worth sharing with everyone.

The Protected entries: These are entries that affect me directly. This is the time when I chronicle my inner feelings, as well as what happens with the people directly surrounding me. I treat these entries in a different way. These are either more chronicle-like or more therapeutic in nature (lots of melodrama can be expected too). I prefer to reveal this to a certain number of people because this is a vulnerable area. I prefer to debate only with people who know me well, in this case.

Some entries in fact tend to be filtered for this reason. But I can add a friend who earned my trust in my most intimate filters.

You can add me, even if for the value of my public entries. I tend to take a look at journals for a little while before deciding you are worth sharing my more intimate entries with (meaning, I read your entries). Generally I add back after a while, as long as I see we can be on the same page.

Still interested in adding me? Good! Welcome aboard! :)

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