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even a sponge has more life than us!
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Welcome to diggerdydum. Don't blink. Blink and you're dead. Don't look away. Don't turn your back and DON'T BLINK.

This is a community for like-minded drunkards to talk about Dr Who.

No reason at all to keep discussion to current new series on BBC1 SOB ROLL ON CHRISTMAS BRING IT ON SPRING!! the wobs spider flushing event oh whenever the flip Martha comes along! OMG LET'S GO! Prepare the emergency martinis! My only stipulation is that those who post fan-fiction or even worse "slash fiction" WILL be banned, and then later shot when I manage to retrieve my sonic blaster from the Lost Property office. I MISS MICKEY. Give me a moment.... *blows nose into hanky* - oh! He's back! Oh! He's gorn again! It's season thirty and who cares about Mickey when we have Reggie from MIGHTY TRUCK OF STUFF! YAY! More REGGIE please! In fact, just bung him in the TARDIS. Go on!

Best Dr Who companion proved by science = Romana 2!
Best Dr Who non-companion proved by ME = DUGGAN! (if only I knew how wikipedia worked I'd make a page for Duggan)

diggerdydum is also home of: The ANTICIPOLLS! The REACTIPOLLS! And the famous internet feature, AM I CANON OR NOT (which one day your friendly moderator will remember to revive)! So far, in season THIRTY (call it by it's name) (and the TV movie counts!) diggerdydum gives the highest marks to THE FAMILY OF BLUDD 2-parter and BLINK. I am also pleased to state that the events in The Sound Of Drums prove BEYOND A DOUBT that diggerdydum itself is ACTUAL CANON! Hooray! Step aside, McGann, your wigge is in the way of my fabulous press pic...
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