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Rabid Bunny Hutches

13 August
External Services:
  • lenoirrose@gmail.com
Rose is...

  • A graduate of the Art Institute of Seattle with a AA in Visual Communications
  • A graduate of IADT/Sanford Brown with a BA in Graphic Design

  • An animator, a web designer, an illustrator, a printer, a writer, a fanartist, a comic artist, a knitter, a dollfie owner, a pianist, a cat-lover, an anime fan, a coffee drinker, and a lot of other things too numerous to list here.

  • Currently working at the Discovery Channel

    Other Journals - aka, other good places to find me and communities I run.
    roseletters - the original fiction
    keep_sketching - daily sketches and unfinished art works
    nanomango - 30 comic pages in 30 days, runs every June and November

    Public Service Announcement - I hereby and for all future time grant everyone the right to friend or unfriend me as they see fit. All that LJ "friend" politics? Leave it at the door, please. You want to watch me and listen to my rambles? Feel free. Tired of listening to me? Feel free not to. I will at no time lambast you about why or try to convince you otherwise. I also don't promise to automatically friend everyone back but if you speak up and chit chat with me I probably will. ^_^
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