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The dreams in which I’m dying are the best I’ve ever had

'80's music, 1000 homo djs, a split second, abandoned buildings, amélie, and one, anne rice, apoptygma berzerk, archeology, art, art films, asian decor, asian things, assemblage 23, backrubs, beetlejuice, biking, bipolar, bjork, bones, building computers, cameras, car crashes, cd's, chinese food, chocolate, city living, collecting license plates, computer art, computers, conceptual art, crafts, creativity, crime, cubanate, cyber-tec project, cyberaktif, darkwave, das ich, daydreaming, death & destruction, delerium, depeche mode, digital cameras, donnie darko, dreaming, dvd's, earthquakes, electronic music, evil's toy, fiction 8, fictional, fire, floods, found art, front 242, front line assemble, funker vogt, gargoyles, geek girls, ghost in the shell, girls with dark hair, girls with long hair, girls with red hair, goth, goth clubs, goth girls, graffiti, grave yards, graves, hair dye, hand painted leather jackets, harsh ebm, html, hurricanes, industrial music, joy division, line nowhere, love, machinery, making crepes, making love, mce, meeting people, modifying computer towers, mountain bikes, movie lighting, movies, mp3's, murder, music, native american, night on earth, nitzer ebb, old cars, pain, painting, pay back, people watching, philosophy, photography, photoshop, pizza, project pitchfork, psychological disorders, psychology, psycological disorders, public transportation, rain, rainstorms, records, road trips, sand castles, sci-fi, sculpture, security cameras, sewing, sex, shallow graves, shoplifting, siouxsie and the banshees, skateboards, skulls, skulz, smart girls, spikes, stereos, still photography, street signs, subways, synthpop, taking pictures, tank girl, the cure, the nightmare before christmas, thrift stores, tree houses, urban exploring, vampires, vnv nation, walking, washington dc, watching movies, web design, web page stuff, welding, winona ryder, women, wumpscut