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Dan's Digest

When Writers Attack

12 October
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My name's Dan, and I write for a living, though most of that writing is along the lines of:
Step 1. Bang head against wall.
Step 2. Patch dent in wall.
Step 3. ...

I started this journal as an outlet for something more creative. Derivative but creative.

Feature Fiction (Multiple Chapters)

Somewhere I Belong (the one where Colin lives ... and has [Conanshowvoice]seee-creeets[/voice])
How Good It Can Get (the one where Colin dies, and Bright ... well, you'll just have to find out)
Home Boy (for visbot’s Secret Santa Challenge ) [WARNING: NC-17!]

Shorter Fiction

Eminence Front (the other one with a dead guy)
Boys Keep Swinging (the other one with a baby)
The Immunity Syndrome (for misswindy's Trek Title Fic Challenge)
It's the Great Pumpkin, Ephram Brown (for visbot's Halloween Fic Challenge)
Can't Fight the Moonlight (a sequel of sorts to "Immunity" and "Pumpkin")
Tommy, Can You Hear Me? (because he's too cute to ignore)
Parallels (for lalejandra’s Ephram’s Adventures in New York challenge)
Feeling Gravity's Pull (for my own R.E.M. Song Title Fic Challenge)
Leaving New York (for lalejandra’s Everwood, Summer 2004 challenge)


Queer as Everwood (the title says it all)
Everwood Ascendant (the one where Colin's really dead)
The Pianissimos (talk about a "whack" job)
... more coming!

"Well, you don't have to look so pleased." -- Morrissey

I'm kinda into music ... can you tell?