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through my hollow eyes

my green peacock cloak

30 October 1988
"Look everyone," said the star, "I'm burning so bright." And then it went nova. And when the light faded, the star was nowhere to be seen.


"This sign is well known for their intense, passionate feelings which contributes to their powerful emotional nature. If a Scorpion loses interest in anything, the lack of feeling is instantly apparent. They possess the quality of tremendous loyalty and responsibility. Scorpions may also tend to become jealous or possessive quite easily, which leads them to be quite relentless with those who hurt or betray them."

I so have more than 150 interests-damn computer settings and crap.
some of my others are: Morgan Freeman as Mazer Rackham, summer travels, pre-college,
my ipod, learning to type, cosmetology, landscaping, oil platforms, sphere, military jobs, languages, The Postal Service, nail polish, word origins, Gin Blossoms, Tuck Everlasting, philotes, Finding Neverland, Marlon Brando, animation, vegan diets, nitrate poisoned water and it's effect on fetuses, park design, Greensboro, religons, glass blowing, printmaking, textiles, textures, hair dye, animal testing, carpentry, automobiles, bypass surgery, eyebrows, body design, mind power, Greece, Greek, Curt Wild, David Bowie, Lou Reed, the underworld, the future, fanfiction, disneyland, ferris wheels, adrenaline, poetry, David Ireland, Brian Slade, conceptual art, glam rock, bird species, biology, anatomy of everything, T.Rex, Roamn dress and accessories, Roman jewelry, tatoos, reality, Snow Patrol, Amerie,hip hop dancing, japanese flower arranging, farmer's market, riding my bicycle, electricity, codes, being thin, chemical imbalances, eye colors, culutural antrhopology, RPG's, brushes, Dr. Suess, Andy Goldsworthy, Madeline, County Cork, watercolors, Athena, Demeter, Persephone, Zues, the Nile River, Domino, Red Eye, Bee Season, Awake, Breakfast On Pluto, transvestites, the bus, music videos, self potraits, cosmetology, hair styling, GLITTER, keira knightley, joack johnson, natalie portamn, zach braff, the merchant of venice, the final cut, robin willaims, adam sandler, Tristan and Isolde, Adina, sunless tanners, junior guards, LOST, THe O.C., magazines, careers,Gael Garica Bernal, Vince Vaughn, David Beckham, Jude Law, The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy, Jessica Stam,Revenge Of The Sith, Hayden Christesen, Padme, Yoda, The Force, cupcakes, salt, Dakota Fanning, Howl's Moving Castle, and the list will continue to grow.

28 days later, acting, alex black, alexander, alexander the great, alexandria, anime, architecture, artichokes, batman begins, beading, bellydancing, ben jelen, bend it like beckham, biting the sun, books, bowling for soup, boy meets world, braveheart, carving pumpkins, cary elwes, castles, cillian murphy, cleopatra, cold mountian, columbia university, dances with wolves, dancing in my boxers, daniel hay, deserts, disco pigs, dragons, edward scissorhands, egypt, eleanor of acquitaine, elysium, emmy rossum, ender's game, flappers, frou frou, garfield, gladiator, gormenghast, gregg alexander, halloween, hanz zimmer, harry potter, henry cavill, hercules, history, hugh grant, intermission, ireland, itzhak perlman, jason issacs, jeff buckley, jeremy sumpter, jessica stam, jg's, jimmy eat world, johnny depp, jonathan rhys-meyers, joseph noel paton, josh groban, jude law, keira knightley, kill bill vol. 1, kilts, kimonos, king arthur, kinuko y. craft, labyrinth, landscapes, lasagna, laughing, lord of the rings, love, marcus antonius, mary-kate olsen, matthew broderick, mermaids, metallic love, mongolia, morgan freeman, morocco, movie watching, murder in the first, muse, music, mythology, nicole kidman, octane, on golden pond, on the edge, orlando bloom, orson scott card, paddling, peter pan, phantom of the opera, phantom planet, photography, photoshop, pickles, pirates of the carribean, popsicles, prozac nation, reading, red light runners, renaissance clothes, robert deniro, rome, rose byrne, running, rupert grint, saving private ryan, scarlett johanssen, scotland, singing in the shower, slash, sleeping, smarties, sons of mr.greengenes, soundtracks, space, sucking helium, suicide, swimming, tanith lee, technology, the corpse bride, the emporer's new groove, the last unicorn, the lion in winter, the netherlands, the new radicals, the nightmare before christmas, the postal service, the strokes, tim burton, togas, traveling, vanity fair, velvet goldmine, vinyl, wild monkey sex, will estes, writing, zits, zonad