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cnary_crem_dght's Journal

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About Me:

Most people refer to me a V. I'm a 20-something person, who likes to draw, talk about art and read about art. I've strong opinions and occasionally get in trouble because of them. My favorite character is Severus Snape and I ship him with anyone. I currently co-mod snape_rarepairs and occasionally draw for the IJ version of daily_deviant. I don't actually bite, although sometimes I bare my teeth.

A little about my journal:

This journal contains explicit materials. Most of my art is slash,not-work safe, and Snape oriented. Sometimes I draw things that are dark in nature, if you are easily upset or offended please do not friend me. If any of those things bother you please leave now.

My Email, if you need me, is my username @ livejournal.com