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Just a Baker Street Muse

Well I tried to catch my eye, but I looked the other way...

2 December 1967
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Fire FlowerIf it's illegal, I don't think real people ought to be doing it. This includes drug use, political corruption, theft, rape, murder, perjuring oneself to Congress or anybody else, suppressing evidence in order to force one's war through, abuse -- sexual or otherwise -- of minors, adults, or animals, walking one's alligator without a leash, phone tapping without a warrant, breaking and entering, exposing oneself in public, vote tampering, and abuse of a corpse.

Fictitious people doing those things? A different story entirely. If you cannot tell the difference between actual people, and fictitious people, please seek immediate psychiatric help and/or medication.

Sincerely, and with no tolerance for idiocy,

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