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You can still dream, still hope.

I still do.

13 July 1987
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This is complicated- a little mini-biography about myself, when what I really feel like doing is going on and elaborating on my sympathy for the poor people who don't have jynormous golden retrievers. That totally sucks!! I feel for you! Well, not really- because I'm not jynormous-golden-retrieverless... Though I don't mean that to make you feel jealous! Even though I wouldn't blame you if you were. No, I'm serious. I should hope that everyone reading this has some kind of big fluffy co-dependent animal that they're lounging on.


I do lotsa freebies, so email me. >3

Going to the Art Institute of Dallas this summer after I get my scholarship. >3 WOOOOOOOOOOTS!!!11!!

Have You Taken the Oath?

Bluebird's Illusion is Angsty Crack Love

Vic Mignogna is Voice Acting Love

Envy is Palmtree Love

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Isn't he the GREATEST?? I was stamped ED-chan on Hagaren_rating. Yes... and in this picture, he is challenging everyone to a fist-eating contest- NO ONE can beat my EDO, so go see if your stamped him so I can prove it.
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Brains? FOR ME??

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