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The Character Picture Archive

The Character Pictures Directory
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The Origin of This Community
Well over in bad_rpers_suck, beccastareyes asked if there would be any interest for a community that points out good PBs/character pictures to use. A few people said yes and I thought, "oooo yeah!". Being that I am a community whore, I made this community.

1. Be nice!
2. Please do not advertise or pimp other communities or sites unless they specifically deal with character pictures.
3. Please no off topic posts.
4. If you seeking a good character picture for your character, please be specific in what you are looking for. Please also use the Character Request Form. If you are replying to said entry, please try to include a link to where you know you can obtain said suggestions from.
5. Pictures go behind cuts!

Character Picture Request Form

Character Name:
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Skin Tone:
Able to Photoshop Hair/Eye Color (Yes/No):
Distinguishing Features:
Added notes/wants: (Just anything else you'd like to add that you think might be helpful in selecting a character picture.)
Sample Picture: (This is optional.This is where you post the sample picture of the character you need a real life counter part for, i.e. Shadowcat, Pete Wisdom, Rufus, Tseng, or Tonks. Please put it behind a cut.)

Character Picture Suggestion Form

Why?: (Optional. Just why you think it's a good suggestion.)

Generic Links

There is no guideline for posting generic links such as IMDB or Atpictures. Just give the link, URL, and what the site has.

Generic Actor/Actress/Model Links
IMDB.Com - Pictures of celebrities in their various movie roles
Mega Model Agency
Storm Models - good for unknown people
Why Not Models
Native Celebs - Native American Celebrities
Asian Celebrities - Both male and female
Vie75 Photo - Vietnamese photos
Famous Red Heads - list of famous red-heads with pictures

Child Actor Links
Rising Star - children actors
Young Stars - children actors
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