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buggetiebugg's Journal

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Laying in bed upside down, laying on the floor upside down, laying in bed, laying on the floor, staying under tables, staring into space, thinking crap, talking crap, not talking, singing lots, not always, kicking elevators, hitting things, throwing things, sleeping, having lots of dreams, daydreaming a lot, walking into things, getting run over by things, doing things with my hands and fingers, having fidgety toes, making animal noises, coughing dramatically, speaking foreign languages, talking to the cat all day whilst making retarded sounds like mothers to babies



and movies, and books are pretty cool, and art's pretty cool too, and photos, and postcards, and places are nice (or not), and humour, and highways are funky, and trains too, and airports, and libraries, and sleep (you sleep 1/3rd of your life which is really comforting to know in my opinion), and dreams (are groovy (or not)), and wind, and sun, and rain, and snow, and forests, and the sea, and dancing (is good), and horse back riding (good too), and writing, and humming, and singing, and walking, i like to walk, and scarves (essential to one's survival), and shoes (pretty crucial too), and wigs (not that crucial), and fountain pens (pretty crucial even tho internet is taking over the world pfff), and tea (very crucial), and hot chocolate (same), and mocha coffees, and yellow peanut m&ms (same really), and candy (oh yeah), and nutella, aspirin, hermits, crowds, tables, moods that violently change in matter of fucking minutes all the fucking time, lists, words, white martinis with ice and lemon, bloopers, blablablablablablablablabla


cat power, bob dylan, the velvet underground, lou reed, pj harvey, leonard cohen, tom waits, the beatles, blondie, the breeders, sonic youth, yo la tengo, rufus wainwright, jeff buckley, animal collective, the white stripes, the kills, the libertines, metric, the kinks, the zombies, the magnetic fields, phoenix, zero 7, air, iggy pop, patti smith, the doors, neil young, nick drake, van morrison, david bowie, fiona apple, suzanne vega, goldfrapp, the strokes, the smashing pumpkins, the pixies, nick cave & the bad seeds, the shins, the clash, massive attack, radiohead, portishead, beth gibbons, joni mitchell, janis joplin, jefferson airplane, donovan, cat stevens, tim buckley, the hives, le tigre, the yeah yeah yeahs, sparklehorse, mercury rev, the troggs, moby grape, the rolling stones, cocteau twins, captain beefheart, édith piaf, les rita mitsouko, beach house, bill callahan, m. ward, she&him, cocorosie, blonde redhead, ETCCCCCC.

TV shows:

six feet under, lost, scrubs, friends, twatty towels, absolutely fabulous, peep show, simpsons, family guy, heroes, grey's anatomy, house, funny british stuff, etc..


sofia coppola movies, wim wenders movies, alfred hitchcock movies, jane campion movies, david lynch movies, woody allen movies, jim jarmush movies, tim burton movies, charlie chaplin movies, humphrey bogart and lauren bacall movies, audrey hepburn movies, american beauty, the anniversary party, eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, being john malkovich, one flew over the cuckoo's nest, a life less ordinary, fear and loathing in las vegas, igby goes down, ghost world, the machinist, apocalypse now, velvet goldmine, leon, pulp fiction, punch-drunk love, who's afraid of virginia woolf, bonnie and clyde, chinatown, butch cassidy and the sundance kid, merci pour le chocolat, rainman, le fameux destin d'amélie poulain, bad santa, drop dead gorgeous, harold and maude, my own private idaho, pierrot le fou, into the wild, bringing up baby, gomorra, karov la bayit, what about bob?, le dîner de cons, ETCCCCCCCCCCCCCCC.


1984 - george orwell, catcher in the rye, franny and zooey, - j.d. salinger, the sun also rises - ernest hemingway, to the lighthouse - virginia woolf, on the road - jack kerouac, heart of darkness - joseph konrad, alice in wonderland - lewis carroll, streetcar named desire - tennessee williams, the picture of dorian gray - oscar wilde, the crucible - arthur miller, the exorcist - william peter blatty, the great gatsby, tender is the night - f. scott fitzgerald, richard the third - shakespeare, sophie's world - jostein gaarder, crime and punishment - fyodor dostoevsky, a room with a view - e.m. forster, lolita - vladimir nabokov ETC.

la nausée - jean-paul sartre, amélie nothomb stuff, all of it really, le K - dino buzzati, les fourmis - bernard weber, une parfaite journée parfaite - martin page, l'étranger, la chute - albert camus, en attendant godot - samuel beckett, 24 heures de la vie d'une femme, la peur - stefan zweig, le journal d'un fou - gogol, bonjour tristesse - françoise sagan, le petit prince - antoine de saint-exupéry, le comte de monte cristo - alexandre dumas, l'amant - margueritte duras, les malheurs de sophie - la comtesse de ségur, tropismes - nathalie sarraute, ETC.

About me:

I'm very angry, i'm cynical, i'm a pessimist, i swear a lot, i love to laugh.

I'm obsessed with Cat Power and Bob Dylan and music is my oxygen.

I do brilliant cartwheels.

I know nathing.
You know nothing.

1984, airports, alfred hitchcock, american beauty, amélie nothomb, animals, anxiety, art, audrey hepburn, baths, beth gibbons, biographies, blondie, blue velvet, bob dylan, books, buffalo 66, calvin and hobbes, cat power, cats, chicago, chocolate, comedy, concerts, crouching tiger hidden dragon, cucumbers, d'arcy wretsky, dancing, david lynch, dreaming, dreams, economics, eddie izzard, ernest hemingway, euroboy, forests, ghost world, good will hunting, gustav mahler, hair, hard rain, hats, helena bonham carter, hole, horse back riding, humming, humour, humphrey bogart, ice cream, j.d. salinger, japan, jeff buckley, kate winslet, languages, lauren bacall, leonard cohen, lost in translation, lou reed, marie antoinette, maths, mercury rev, mulholland drive, museums, music, my life without me, paranoia, parler très fort, patti smith, pessimism, philosophy, phoenix, photography, pj harvey, planes, purple fields, radiohead, raskolnikov, rear window, rich gilbert, salads, sarcasm, scarves, secretary, secrets, shoes, singing, six feet under, skittles, sleep, snow, sofia coppola, sonic youth, staring, suicide, suzanne vega, talking to myself, tea, the anniversary party, the breeders, the clash, the doors, the great gatsby, the hives, the kills, the libertines, the million dollar hotel, the morons, the pixies, the shins, the smashing pumpkins, the strokes, the velvet underground, the white stripes, the windy city, theatre, tom tom, tom waits, tomtom, trains, unrequited love, vivien leigh, wandering, wigs, wim wenders, wind, winter, writing