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Battle Royale Prince of Tennis

Where we duke it out...without tennis.

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"At the dawn of the Millenium, the nation collapsed. At 15% unemployment, 10 million were out of work, 800,000 students boycotted school. The adults lost confidence, and fearing the youth, eventually passed the 'Millenium Educational Reform Act'...AKA: The BR Act."

This RP Community was created by youkofujima for all who love TeniPuri and Battle Royale!

[battle royale premise]
Battle Royale was a law passed by the new government of Japan at the turn of the millennium to curb juvenile delinquency, the problem is, however, that the program also takes the "good kids" along, too. The rules are simple: a group of graduating junior high school students are taken to a completely enclosed area (be it run-down hospital, deserted island, whatever), fitted with collars that explode should they break a rule, given random weapons, food, water, a map, a flashlight, a pen and a compass as well as one mission--kill each other until the last person standing.

[br_tenipuri premise]
The government has decided that they wanted to try something new this year since a lot of children have been avoiding the "summer graduation trip" of their last year in junior high. This year, they decided to choose, by random, school sports clubs from Kantou and kidnap them and send them into Battle Royale while the unsuspecting children are being shipped off to training camp. This year, the lucky club is tennis.

THERE IS NO JOINING MID-GAME. All applications are to be made for the NEXT ROUND.

The next round (6.5) starts July 5.

Current rules are here.

Apply for the current round at this post. Remember, there is no joining the game mid-round, so act now!

Questions? Concerns? Other? Ask one of our friendly mods!

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