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"Culture's just a bore when you're angry, young, and poor..."

"I don't hear a word you say. I'm gonna lay in bed all day."

30 June
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Rawr! Rawr! Rawr! I like cupcakes and music and sleeping on people's couches. I like to be happy and being around people that make me feel happy & good about myself. If you're not one of those people, please fuck off and die. Thanks. Anyway, one of my favorite movies is Natural Born Killers. It's a really sweet movie. Demented, but sweet. I want the snake rings that they have. Um... Yeah... I'm just being really random, because I don't know what to talk about. I seem to have misplaced my mind at that moment. And, yeah... Maybe I'll write a little more about myself when I feel sane. Goodbye.
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