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attack of the
*AA style*
Hi, I'm andreanna, and I'm a serial doodler. Generally friendly, sometimes wacky.

This mostly my fandom journal. So, mostly fandom squeeing/ranting/ARTING with some RL angst for good measure :D

My current fandoms include:
which I didn't realize was such a big list :O
-Harry Potter
-Avatar: the Last Airbender
-The Hunger Games trilogy
-Stagate SG-1
-Stargate Atlantis
-Due South

Feel free to comment or friend me!
No need to ask, though, I do so love meeting new people :D

I only request that you ask permission and credit me when using my art.
~Otherwise: Have at it!

Memories bookmark my arts :) WARNING! AllSome art is Not Work Safe! It is clearly marked, but all the same, you are forewarned :D