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Coffee Shop Blues

The Ever Ending Blog

The Frackman
14 November 1974
I use to have a profile so big, that it scared even me, so I broke my profile up and have posted them on different entry dates which you can see at the end of this paragraph. (This is the short bio) Here are some helpful links about (How I post) More info about me, can be found here:(Travel Blogs), (Communities), (FAQs), (What the critics say about me), (Proper care and feeding of me), and (More about me) Ok, so most of that was bunk, but it will give you a better idea of how freaking eccentric I am!

With all the blogs I have, I currently maintain two photo galleries. ajlordnikon houses my color travel photos from the places I've traveled to. My second gallery, shashinka hosts my black and white art photos. My third account, the new photoblog has it's images hosted on Photobucket at the time as I see no reason to actually make that a paid account.

Update: As of Sept. 1, 2011, I've closed down my PB account taking all my pix with it as well as closed my LJ Gallery and with it pix removed. Sorry but I plan to go all text with this blog. My photos can be seen on my WordPress.