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It takes acquired minds to taste this wine...

Try to figure me out, you never can.

The Admiral
5 January
"I'm a million contradictions
Sometimes I make no sense
Sometimes I'm perfect
Sometimes I'm a mess...

- I Am; Hilary Duff

Hello all.
I'm Kate the Great and you've in some way or another stumbled across my personal journal. Congratulations.
I figure I should tell you a bit about myself to spark your interest to my inside life.
I'm a girl who's intelligent, attractive, sarcastic, and extremely expressive.
I'm open and honest, though I try not to hurt others feelings in the process; but if I do, please know that I won't really give a damn.
I'm a singer and quite the karaoke junkie.
You will most likely -- in no way, shape or form -- get me to shut up. I sing constantly and I sing quite well (in my humble opinion).
The only time I'm not singing is when I'm reading; which as of late, has been pretty often.
I'm a bookworm and a chorus geek and you're just going to have to deal with that.
But enough about me...

My journal is practically a day-to-day up keep with my life.
I share things that happen to me, others, funny conversations I've had, or simply some things or people I've observed.
Sometimes I'll go months without posting, but I always come back with a summary of the time that has elapsed since my last post.
My journal is in fact a friends only journal. Though I have many, many friends, I have just as many enemies; for any reason known or unknown to me.
Some people I just prefer didn't read about my personal life.
If anyone wants to add me, please know that I'll check into your brief background before reciprocating.
Thank you for stopping by and possibly adding me.
I hope your day is extremely pleasant and full of laughs and love.

Dance, sing, laugh, love, live.

My writing journal: softwordsoflove