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Bang bang guns go BANG.

ME: Collette. New York. Straight Edge. Chapstick Whore. Music Freak. Day dreamer. Tired 24/7. Spelling Nazi. Liberal. Thats enough about me.

LOVES: Music. Chapstick. Sleeping. Day dreaming. Feeling accomplished. Going to shows. My cats. Pizza. Hot Sauce. Laptops. Cheap CD's. Thrift stores. Making clothes. Just making things in general. Random songs. Songs that say, "You're bitchin!". Cool weather. Rain. Water. Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper. When a cd is better than you expect it to be. DIY clothes. THE MATCHES <33333

HATES: Grilled chicken. Old, really slow computers. When cd's skip. Not having enough money to get something. School. The people on my bus. Ashlee Simpson, Avril Lavigne, and other people who think they r sooooo ttlly PUNX RAWKKKKKK. The 8th grade sluts. The 10th grade jerks. Bad spelling. REALLY bad grammar.

MY MUSIC: Scary Kids Scaring Kids//My Chemical Romance//Bane//Head Automatica//Glassjaw//Brand New//The Misfits//Tsunami Bomb//The Matches//Evergreen Terrace//The Used//Terror//Be Your Own PET//The Horrorpops//S.T.U.N.//Thrice//Avenged Sevenfold//From First to Last//Day of Contempt//Death From Above 1979//The Explosion//Motion City Soundtrack

October 29 2004 : Mest ! Hawthorne Heights ! Punchline ! Bayside
November 30 2004: Lostprophets ! 3 ! Hidden In Plain View ! Name Taken
February 24 2005: TASTE OF CHAOS TOUR (The Used ! My Chemical Romance ! Killswitch Engage ! Underoath ! A Static Lullaby ! Senses Fail)
August 14 2005: WARPED TOUR (Hawthorne Heights ! The Offspring ! Avenged Sevenfold ! Motion City Soundtrack ! Thrice ! Strung Out ! Story of the Year)
September 1 2005: The Used ! Street Drum Corps ! Alexisonfire ! 30 Seconds to Mars ! H20 ! Day of Contempt


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Self-Injury: No One Gives a Shit. Seriously. Some of us are sick of being bombarded by the plague of self-centered rich white girls who think they actually have a difficult life. Get over yourselves.

Monday, March 1, 2004 is SI Awareness Day, invented by cutters, for cutters.

December 1 is World Aids Day; go learn about someone with real problems.