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neverenoughtime: On the countdown...

Becca (neverenoughtime) wrote,
@ 2001-03-23 07:31:00
Mood: excited

On the countdown...
Well we only have about 3 weeks left here and I am so excited. We have decided to for sure go to MO and start the rest of our lives there. My mom is so excited. She has never seen Logan and only seem Dawson 3x- so she can't wait. We will be there the day before Easter!!!

Our insurance went into effect a few days too late:o( We have a $10 copay and the visit was $150 and we payed $75 on it already...well at least now we only pay $10 if I get sick again. It also has vision and I just went to the eye dr and have not yet ordered contacts or glasses-so that was great timing. Now I will save 20% when I do get them.

We got our taxes files and got them done for free since we didn't make more than $20,000 last yeat(I guess being poor does have its benifits!) LOL My mom always said you should be able to laugh at yourself. They should be back around the 30th and that will pay for our move-even though they are keeping part for an overpayment due to preparers error that occured last year*YUCK* and to think we even payed this person to do them and we now owe the IRS money! At least it wasn't my fault.

Hubby is off today and we are going to run a few errands and get out of the house, even if it means walking the mall.

Everyone have a great Friday and weekend.
God Bless

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2001-03-23 05:09 am UTC (link)
Good morning and thank you for the good wishes! I pray your day goes well also! Will you be going to the Joplin area or more towards the East of the state? I'm in the Kansas City area, so we will be neighbors of sorts. :-)

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2001-03-23 06:35 am UTC (link)
Yes- we will be going to Joplin and hopefully get things back on track. We will go to K.C. in the summer for Worlds of Fun(hubby loves roller coasters!) for an outing with my mother. Can't wait to get home.

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