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Tom (yesthattom) wrote,
@ 2003-02-08 15:09:00
Mood: horny
Music:Come Baby Come

Sex Boggle
This morning I invented a new game. I call it Sex Boggle because it's a lot like the word game "Boggle".

You and your partner each make a list of 5 sex acts you haven't done, or haven't done in a while. Do each do this in private before you come together to play the game.

Now meet somewhere (possibly a bedroom) and go over the list. Take turns reading out items. If the other partner's list also had that items, everyone marks this item with a checkmark. If the item was unique, leave it unchecked.

When you are done going over the lists, you will have items that are "checked" and items that are "unchecked".

Now trade lists. In private, each person circles one of the unchecked items that you'd like to do. Now re-join and do both of those items... tonight.

When you are done, run to LiveJournal and post about your experience in a reply to this message.

Less kinky version: Each person picks a checked item.

A lot less kinky version: just giggle about your lists and don't do anything.

Have fun!

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