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Sisyphus Shrugged (jmhm) wrote,
@ 2003-01-19 07:11:00
One of the most memorably nasty eviscerations I've seen recently, on David Frum, in the Washington Post.

Highlights include:

David Frum seems to be trying a little too hard to make it in this town -- and that's saying something.


Frum's coinage of "axis of evil" was revealed in a tacky episode last March when his wife, the writer Danielle Crittenden, bragged of his achievement in a mass e-mail.


(It's unclear, however, how familiar the author was with the president's thinking. Asked how many one-on-one meetings he had with the president, Frum says there were "six or eight." But when pressed to exclude walk-by encounters in the hallways, the total falls to "two or three.")

[which, in fairness, is about as many times as Peggy Noonan met with Ronald Reagan]

Conversations with people who know Frum begin with on-the-record praise and spiral into on-background ridicule. "There's a sort of desperate edge to David's need to be noticed," says one well-known conservative who knows Frum and has ties to the White House. Frum has an outsider's zealousness for recognition, he says. In addition to still being a Canadian citizen, Frum was also one of the few Jews in the Bush White House, a point of which he seems acutely conscious.


A graduate of Yale College and Harvard Law School, Frum is the kind of conspicuous smarty-pants that Bush had little use for during his own days in the Ivy League.

Shame no-one in the White House realized what a loser this guy was before he set our foreign policy, isn't it.

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