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Suzanne (mournbringer) wrote in customers_suck,
@ 2002-07-14 00:56:00
Mood: angry
Music:Black Beauty soundtrack---Danny Elfman

Asshole of the Evening
Ahhh yes, I almost forgot some shitface OLD GUY that got in my line. He puts his crap down, and I ask *politely* for his club card. He gave me a look that meant I have clearly inconvenienced him and he says, "WHY? Nothing is on sale!!"...I say, "Well, sir, actually we're having special promotions going on right now that you may be eligible for AND your rolls are on sale"--- He claimed his wife signed up for a club card, but he didn't have it on him so I told him to type his phone number into the pinpad, starting with the area code. He goes over, says, "I start with my area code?" No, dipshit, I only said that 4 seconds ago. Anyways he proceeds to type his number in at lightning speed, and of course the machines are from Safeway, which means they are stupid and cannot keep up. So when he's done, it turns out only about half of the numbers were actually in, and he hits enter. Nothing happens since his *entire* phone number isn't typed in correctly. He goes, "This isn't MY NUMBER!!" and I turned it around, looked, and told him to hit clear a few times and back it up and to type slowly. Asshole clears it and AGAIN types at 98 MPH. He starts getting loud and says, "This isn't my number!! What's wrong with this machine?!?!" Ohhhh dear...I reset the damned thing and told him to do it ONE MORE TIME but to type S-L-O-W-L-Y...he does so and my screen reads "Invalid Customer Card".....what dreaded words. I quietly inform him of this and he glares at me. The *only* thing that I am allowed to do at that point is make him sign up for another card or he doesn't get jack shit off. I tell him this and he goes ballistic, saying "I'm not paying .99 cents for these rolls!!! I want someone over here!!!" I glared right back at him and said "Oh, ok, you want a manager? I will GLADLY CALL A MANAGER OVER HERE!!!!" and I picked up my phone and explained the situation to Joyce (podium person) and I think the customer behind him got fed up and let him use hers. Fucking asshole!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By the way, he got .20 cents off of his god damn dinner rolls. I can find that much money on the ground in a matter of minutes. I hope he fucking chokes on them.

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