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blu // mei (babyblu86) wrote,
@ 2002-11-16 00:01:00
is it just me, or did it not work?
testing, testing..

edit// alright. maybe editing entries just hated me. because it wouldn't take poll-form in editing and .. things..

edit2// let's try this again (*mumble* stupid edit entries and can't put new polls in thing..*mumble*)..:

Poll #75974 Euthanasia try2

You are terminally ill, and suffering unbearable pain. Your physician has told you numerous ways of -possibly- prolonging your life, but you are also informed (and already knew) that the illness cannot be cured, and the pain will be permanent even if suppressed temporarily by pain medication. Do you choose euthanasia (physician-assisted suicide), so that you will no longer need to suffer, or do you choose one of the other possible-prolonging-life options, knowing that it will not be able to cure that illness or permanently relieve that pain?

one of other options
conditional ("would.. if..." or "wouldn't.. if...")

If conditional, please state condition. (maxlength=255)

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