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Dyce (elidyce) wrote,
@ 2001-12-10 01:13:00
Mood: accomplished

Pebblin and Jubilation
Let's talk about Pebbs.

Pebbs is very, very cool. She writes great feedback, has unusual tastes in fanfic, and a nifty growly sorta voice that goes purry when you massage her shoulders. :)

She lets me call her fun things like Pebbsibles, although she drew the line at Pebbswackles. (It just sounded funny) And she gets all bashful and growly when I tell her she's cute... which is very cute. ^-^

And for many, many moons now, Pebbs has been bugging me for a sequel, or prequel, or any kind of quel, to a story I wrote a while ago called 'The Mask You See'. In that story, I wrote Jubilee as having a form of multiple personality disorder, as a way of explaining why her many terrible experiences haven't seemed to cause her any kind of trauma, or even any real distress. In order to protect her own sanity, she subdivides her personality into two parts. Jubilee, who might be considered the baseline personality, is who she was before her parents died. Cute, fun, intelligent, but basically naive. All the bad stuff gets funneled into the other persona, Jubilation, who is much tougher and colder, not to mention more emotionally mature. Both are still essentially the same person, still, but one has been altered by the struggles she's gone through. The other hasn't. In 'Mask' Jubilation has been quiescent for some time, allowing Jubilee full control while their body is still too young to really fit Jubilation. When someone tries to kill Generation X, though, Jubilation comes to the surface and kills him. Like I said, Jubilation is much colder than Jubilee. She doesn't have the problems with killing that Jubilee does.

It was a short story, but one that caught the eye of the Pebbs. For the previously mentioned many moons, she's been asking for a continuation or expansion on this theme. I have finally written one. :) It's set in the movieverse, and is being written as a companion to the Godless arc.

The Pebbs doth nag well. *g* But she's cute, so I caved. Part one of Masquerade in X is now up on OTL, Xmenmoviefanfic, Dycefic, and SouthernStars. I hope you like it, Pebbses.

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