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Eric of Clann tSuibhne (suibhne_geilt) wrote,
@ 2001-11-12 13:48:00
Mood: mischievous
Music:Democracy Now! in Exile

Eric wants to make a counter-meme.

What is a “meme”???

"Memes are the basic building blocks of our minds and culture, in the same way that genes are the basic building blocks of biological life. The breakthrough in memetics is in extending Darwinian evolution to culture. There are several exciting conclusions from doing that, one of which is the ability to predict that ideas will spread not because they are "good ideas", but because they contain "good memes" such as danger, food and sex that push our evolutionary buttons and force us to pay attention to them."

So. Why in the hell is Eric writing about memes???

Well, I found a cool feature on Live Journal - they have a page that tracks memes. Go to the page, and it shows you which URLs are linked most often from Live Journal.

Currently, the three front runners are:

1. Raver Test (or, How Much or a Raver Are You???), with 2118 links.

2. Penis Size Test, with 1345 links. Not bad, since I first saw it on Saturday night. BTW - I took this one for fun. The last question is a photo of the programmer, with the choices "hot" or "not". By choosing "not", I got rated with a thin penis. By choosing "hot", I got rated with a long penis. You do the math…

3. Which Monster Rancher Monster Are You?, with 1260 links. Also, pretty impressive, since it just showed up today.

Now then. Here’s where things get interesting, I think.

According to the Live Journal Statistics Page, about 100,000 users updated their journals in the last week. This means that about 1.3% of regular Live Journal users (defined as updating at least weekly) have taken the Penis Size test, and posted a link to the site for other people that want to do so. However, when I look at how many people are on my friends’ list, and on the friends’ lists that I read, I probably see fewer than 100 journals, yet have seen a dozen Penis Test links. Statistically, I should have only seen it one or two times. Everyone and their alter ego has taken the Raver test (and the Goth test, and the Geek test, and the Punk test...).

Either I am a walking statistical anomaly, or there are an unusually high number of quiz junkies that move in the same LJ circles as I do.

The other interesting thing is that the top 10 memes are all online quizzes. Number 11 is a site that lets you create your own punk bitch. In fact, that is the only meme in the top 40 that is not a quiz, or a graphic containing quiz results.

Links to news or information are completely absent from the top 40 memes.

I will admit to being guilty of posting some quiz results… Yeah, I think they’re fun to take. But, I also think it’s a very interesting commentary on the nature of LJ, that we look to anonymous multiple-choice quizzes to validate our views and values - whether with bated breath, or with tongue planted firmly in cheek…

So. Here’s what I want all of you to do.

I want to make a counter-meme. I want my commentary on memes to make the list of the top 40 memes on Live Journal.

Put this link in a post in your journal: http://www.livejournal.com/talkpost.bml?itemid=14939590

You can even use this cool graphic:

It will link people to this particular journal entry. I know that 26 people have me on their friends’ list. If each of you posts an entry with that link, I’m 1/4th of the way to making the list. If your friends link me, I just may make it…

Let’s have some fun - let’s see how far this little bit of thought will reach. Let’s see what kind of connections and interconnections are out there…

Love to you all.

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