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Request #292106

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Time posted: Sun, 06 Jun 2004 18:57:51 GMT (12 years ago)
Status: closed (10 points to raventhon)
Summary: Creating mood theme with new editor
Original Request:
In the new Custom Mood Theme Editor (recently discussed in the news community), I'm having several problems. First of all, the page is rather slow because it seems to reload every mood in response to only one being added or changed; is that necessary? (Sooo that seems to be more of a suggestion rather than a problem. My b, I'm moving on the problem then...) Second of all, it doesn't seem to save right. About half the time, the next page is "this page cannot be displayed" or "cannot find server" or something along those lines. The other 50% of the time, it either saves nothing (goes back to whatever pictures I did or did not have at the beginning of the editing) or will only save random pictures (never all of them) though the trend seems that it will save the pictures highest in the hierarchy (like angry, sad, happy, but not the ones deep in the hierarchy, like hungry or something... does that make sense?) so... what's up with that?

There is also no mention of this new Mood Theme Editor in any FAQ's so... if I'm just using it too early when it hasn't been perfected or something then... yeah... I'm sorry.

[I've noticed there were a one or two other unanswered support requests on this, so if the only answer you can give me is that it's being worked on (or that it's not being worked on) that's fine, just so I know this has been read and the problem is known.]

Thanks ya'll, and I hope this made sense and I'm not too much of a bother.
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raventhon raventhon  - $2.27 1/17/56
Answer (#1165062)
Posted Sat, 12 Jun 2004 20:26:30 GMT (12 years ago)
In response to your first question, the moodtheme create tool seems slow because when you update the top level of the hierarchical layout, it simultaneously updates all of the sublevels of that same tree which have the "inherit from..." box checked.

With regards to the rest of your problems: Are you still experiencing these problems? As LiveJournal Support volunteers are unable to duplicate these problems, and you appear to have a complete moodtheme constructed, it is likely these problems were related to the temporary problems caused by certain internet firewall and security programs (Most notably Norton Internet Security). These issues have been resolved, and the site should currently be functioning correctly. If these problems are still occurring, please comment back to this request with the specific moods which seem to make this occur more often.

Should you need it, the above FAQ explains how to create a moodtheme using the admin console, which may work more smoothly for you.