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Below are all support requests that are open (they just came in and haven't been touched yet) or answered (either awaiting to be closed by the person needing help, or the person requested they still need help). The closed reports are also available. Before you start answering the requests, please read the Support Guide. If you help somebody out and they confirm you helped them, you get the number of points indicated in the status column. These points will show up on your userinfo page

[ 6 unanswered, 0 still need help, 0 answered awaiting close, 6 total open ]

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ID# Summary Problem Area Posted Status
2007678How can i retrieve a draft Entries 1 week ago open
(10 points)
2006630Draft didn't save. Entries 3 weeks ago open
(10 points)
2005928Kick off Entries 4 weeks ago open
(10 points)
2005512Keira Marcos LiveJournal Entries 1 month ago open
(10 points)
2004026Reading a fiction Entries 1 month ago open
(10 points)
2002630no puedo acceder Entries 1 month ago open
(10 points)

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