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FAQ - Account Payments

  • How do I buy a Paid Account?

    You can buy a Paid Account for yourself with automatic payments (automatic credit card payments according to your preferred billing cycle) or a manual payment at the LiveJournal Gift Shop. The US $19.95 a year price for Paid Accounts is only available with automatic payments.

    Buying a Paid Account is a great way to show your support for LiveJournal. Paid Accounts also offer a variety of additional features not available to Basic or Plus Accounts.
  • How do I buy a Paid Account for somebody else or for a community?

    You can purchase a Paid Account for another user or for a community in the LiveJournal Gift Shop, using the Buy As Gift tab. It is not possible to set up automatic payments for Paid Accounts you are purchasing for other users or for communities.

    Visit the Buy for friends! page to see which of your friends or of communities you watch may appreciate Paid Accounts.
  • What items can I buy in the LiveJournal Shop?

    In the LiveJournal Shop you can purchase LJ Tokens, LiveJournal-branded merchandise, paid accounts (extra userpics and storage space upgrades), custom userheads, account renaming, promotion of your entry, journal or cimmunity and virtual gifts.
  • Why do I receive errors when trying to make a payment?

    LiveJournal uses various security measures to reduce credit card fraud, but these security measures sometimes prevent legitimate payments. Email accounts@livejournal.com if you continue to experience problems in making a payment.
  • Can I transfer my paid account to another account?

    No, as stated in the Terms of Service, Paid accounts are neither transferable nor refundable. There is no way to transfer paid time from one paid account to another account.

    However, if you wish to change your username while retaining your paid status, you can rename your account instead.
  • How do I set up automatic payments for my account?

    Automatic payments allow you to renew your paid account by billing your credit card according to the billing cycle you choose. You can enable, disable, or change your automatic payment settings at the Account Status page. It is not possible to use automatic payments for gifts or communities.
  • How is my next automatic payment amount calculated? Why are some payments prorated?

    Having existing paid time on your account or receiving a gift of paid time will prorate your future payments. Changing your billing cycle or modifying your add-ons will also change the amount of your automatic payments. You can view the date and amount of your next payment at the Account Status page.
  • What are Virtual Gifts? How do I purchase, remove, or disable them?

    Virtual Gifts, available in the LiveJournal Gift Shop, are small images you can purchase and deliver to your friends with an optional personalized note.
  • How do Bitcoin payments work?

    Paying with Bitcoin

    Bitcoin payments are provided to LiveJournal users by Coinbase. LiveJournal does not guarantee and is not responsible for the availability of Coinbase’s services. To complete your payment, you will be re-directed to Coinbase’s website, where you will see the total cost of your cart priced in Bitcoin. The exact Bitcoin price will be based on an exchange rate which is set by Coinbase. The Bitcoin price for your cart will remain valid for 10 minutes. If you do not complete your payment in this time, the Bitcoin exchange rate will be updated and the Bitcoin price may change.

    Bitcoin transaction fees

    A very small transaction fee will be added by the Bitcoin network to the total cost in Bitcoin of your purchase if you are sending Bitcoin from a non-Coinbase wallet. This fee covers the cost of verifying Bitcoin transactions. LiveJournal has no control over this fee and does not receive any portion of the fee.

    Under payments and over payments

    If you attempt to initiate a payment of Bitcoins while using a Coinbase wallet which is different from the exact cost indicated by Coinbase, your payment will not complete. If you are using a non-Coinbase wallet and you initiate a payment of Bitcoins which is different from the exact cost (plus transaction fees) of the payment indicated by Coinbase, your payment will not complete but it may be processed by the Bitcoin network. If this occurs, your payment will be refunded by Coinbase. After a failed payment you will be need to re-submit payment for the correct amount in order to complete the payment, and the Bitcoin exchange rate may change during this time.

    Bitcoin transactions are final once confirmed

    After a Bitcoin transaction is submitted to the Bitcoin network, it will remain unconfirmed for a short period of time (usually about an hour, but sometimes longer) pending full verification of the transaction by the Bitcoin network. A transaction is not complete until it is fully verified. Once you initiated a Bitcoin transaction, it cannot be cancelled. This is due to how the Bitcoin network is designed, not a policy set by LiveJournal.

    Bitcoin not accepted in all countries

    Please note, due to government restrictions, this payment option may not be available in your country. You can visit http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Legality_of_bitcoin_by_country for more information.

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