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FAQ - Working with Other Sites

  • How do I control whether my journal and entries appear in search engines?

    There are a variety of settings you can change to limit your your journal or community's exposure to external search engines. Conversely, these same settings can be used if you wish to promote your journal or community. However, please note that there is no way to guarantee that external search engines will behave as you want or expect them to.
  • What should I do if a LiveJournal user is using my bandwidth without my permission?

    The easiest ways to prevent someone from loading an image or file on your server are:
  • How do I notify Weblogs.com about updates to my journal?

    Weblogs.com is a site that keeps a list of recently-updated journals and weblogs. It functions as a resource for people looking for new sites or journals to read, by keeping a list of active journals.

    If you have a Paid Account, you can choose to send a notification, or "ping", to Weblogs.com when you update your journal. Check the Notify Weblogs.com when I post new public entries option on the Privacy tab of the My Account Settings page. LiveJournal will only notify Weblogs.com of public entries, not of private, friends-only, or custom security entries.

    Weblogs.com is an external site, and is not sponsored by LiveJournal.
  • How do I add my journal to my IM profile?

    Your journal is located at http://exampleusername.livejournal.com (replacing exampleusername with your username, if necessary). You can use this URL of your journal to add it to your IM profile. Many IM programs have a method of adding links, or allow HTML in the profiles.
  • How do I use my LiveJournal account to log in to another website with OpenID?

    OpenID is a decentralized identity system. It allows you to use an account at a particular website (OpenID provider) to log in to any other site that supports OpenID (OpenID consumer), without creating an account on the other site.
  • How do I update my MySpace profile when I post entries to LiveJournal?

    LiveJournal offers a MySpace widget or application. It shows the most recently posted public entries in your journal. It also shows basic public information about your journal, including your default userpic, your username and a link to your LiveJournal profile and journal, your displayed name, the top section of your bio, and the top section of your interests. This application does not request your password, as it displays only public content, and does not verify journal ownership.
  • How do I use Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools with my journal?

    On the Extensions tab of the My Account Settings page, enter the Google Analytics Web Property ID or the Google Webmaster Tools meta tag content.

    To use Google Analytics or Webmaster Tools for a community you own, first select your community's username in the "Work as user:" field and click the Switch button, then enter the Web Property ID. You must be the owner of the community to use this feature.

    If you want to use Google Analytics or Google Webmaster Tools with your journal or community, you must sign up for a Google Analytics or Google Webmaster Tools account if you do not already have one.
  • How do I share my entries on Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, and other services?

    The sharing feature allows you to easily repost an entry on LiveJournal or link to any public LiveJournal entry on other social networking services. Click the Share icon () or link, depending on the journal's style, on any public entry to access the Share window, where you can choose which service you wish to share the entry through. You can choose to share the post on LiveJournal, through email, or on Facebook, Twitter, or several other social networking services.
  • How do I convert my identity account into a standard LiveJournal account?

    If you are currently using a identity account, you can upgrade it to a standard LiveJournal account using the following steps:
    • From the Home Page, click the Upgrade to Full Account link at the top of the page.
    • Select a username and password for your account.
    • Fill in required fields. Some may be be pre-filled for you depending on your identity service.
    • Lastly, fill out the human test, and click Convert Account.
  • How do I have my Twitter updates imported daily to my journal?

    You can request that your public tweets be imported to your journal daily using the checkbox on the Extensions tab on the Manage Settings page.

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