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FAQ - Cyrillic Services

  • What are Cyrillic Services? How can I opt in or out of these services?

    Cyrillic Services refers to the group of services originally designed for Russian-speaking users of LiveJournal, as well as users physically located in Eastern Europe.

    To enable Cyrillic Services:

    1. Navigate to the Display tab of the My Account Settings page.

    2. Select the Opt me into services originally developed for the Cyrillic users option. You may opt out of these services at any time by deactivating this option. Please be aware that many parts of this service are only available in Russian.

    3. Click the Save button.

  • What is LiveJournal Magazine?

    This FAQ applies only to SUP users who operates in the new design version. You can check your settings here.

  • What is Promo? How can I promote my entries on LiveJournal?

    The Promo feature allows you to promote your entries, journal and communities on LiveJournal's home page and on the Ratings page.
  • What is "Domain RF"?

    "Domains RF" is a service that allows you to get a third level domain on the жж.рф domain zone. It might come in handy if your content is oriented on Russian audience and you want them to memorize your journal's name quickly and easily.

    This option is available for every LJ user regardless of the type of his/her account. You can get a domain for your personal journal or for communities that you own. Moreover, you can purchase any number of domain names for a single community or personal journal. The purchased domain remains available all the time your account exists.

    You can get yourself a жж.рф domain in the LJ shop.
    Read more at http://www.livejournal.com/support/faq/369.html?uselang=ru
  • What is Calendar Promo?

    This service is divided into two distinct audience segments: Cyrillic and Non-Cyrillic. To ensure that your promo is viewed by your desired audience, make sure that you have selected the appropriate setting in your display settings.

    Calendar Promo is a service that allows you to draw users' attention to a specified LiveJournal entry. It allows you to purchase a specific time period for your entry to be promoted on the LiveJournal homepage, and can be purchased in the LiveJournal Shop.
  • What is Promo in journals?

    Any LJ users who opted into Cyrillic services can promote their entries in promo slots of the listed journals. Only public entries can be promoted.

    From the second stage onwards, all LiveJournal users past a social capital threshold (to be determined later) will be able to place promo slots in their journals. This will be announced in ru_news ((subscribe).
  • How can I promote my entries in other journals/communities?

    You need to opt into Cyrillic services to promote your entries in other journals’ promo slots (during Stage one, promo is available in the following journals– link to LJ Shop). Only public entries can be promoted.

    You can promote any public entry posted to your personal journal. Community owners and maintainers can also promote entries posted to their community (as long as the community is opted into Cyrillic services).
  • How can I add a Promo slot to my journal or community?

    You need to opt into Cyrillic services to promote your entries in other journals’ promo slots. Only public entries can be promoted. The social capital of the journal or the community must be ≥20
  • What is Promo in comments?

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