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  • Why am I receiving a "Cannot contact server" error when I try to use my client?

    When your client locks up or produces a Cannot contact server error when you try to log in, the most common reasons are problems with firewalls, proxies, and the LiveJournal web site.
  • What is a downloadable client? Where can I get one?

    Downloadable clients offer the same posting features as the web client, along with other options (downloading entries, drafts of entries, friends list tracking, friends page tracking, removing misencoded characters, signatures, and substituting text or images in lj user tags). Since every client has different options, you should consult your client's documentation for specific details about its features.
  • Why is my client flashing?

    Certain downloadable clients alert Paid and Permanent users about new entries on your Friends page. Common alert methods include a flashing icon, a pop-up dialog box, or a sound. For information on disabling or changing alert settings for this alert, consult the documentation for your client.

    If you can't see any new entries after your client alerts you about new entries, this is most likely caused by a:
    • Protected Entry: Someone on your Friends list posted a private or protected entry that you cannot see. (The protocol that tells the client that there are updates does not distinguish between various security levels.)
    • Recent Friends page: Someone on your Friends list posted a recent entry you have already seen because you reloaded your Friends page right before the alert.
    • Edited Entry: Someone on your Friends list edited an existing entry.
  • Can I update my LiveJournal with a client from another site?

    In general, clients that are specifically written for LiveJournal are most likely to work with the site. Such clients are available for a wide variety of different platforms. However, if your platform is not supported or if you wish to use a particular client, then you may be able to.

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